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v. re·or·gan·ized, re·or·gan·iz·ing, re·or·gan·iz·es
To organize again or anew.
To undergo or effect changes in organization.

re·or′gan·iz′er n.
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Adj.1.reorganized - organized again; "a reorganized business"
organized - formed into a structured or coherent whole
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Anybody who has reorganized and recatalogued a great city library should be able to start you young people on in short order.
The Republican newspaper at the capital had been bought by a new management, and the editorial force reorganized upon a footing of what we then thought metropolitan enterprise; and to my great joy and astonishment I was asked to come and take a place in it.
Japan's officers reorganized the Chinese army; her drill sergeants made the mediaeval warriors over into twentieth century soldiers, accustomed to all the modern machinery of war and with a higher average of marksmanship than the soldiers of any Western nation.
I strode onward from the Schwarenback hostelry a changed man, a reorganized personality.
And when the Setliffe crowd shook down Idaho, and reorganized the smelter trust, and roped in the rest of the landscape, and put through the big hydraulic scheme at Twin Pines, why I sure got squeezed.
The Emperor said that the fiscal system must be reorganized and the accounts published," recounted Bitski, emphasizing certain words and opening his eyes significantly.
Biobased polymers from the Terra series remain in the business portfolio and will continue to complement Evonik's now reorganized range of high-performance polymers.
In the same order, the President also reorganized the NFA Council, making the Secretary of Agriculture as Chairman with the NFA Administrator as Vice Chairman.
Reorganized auditing standards go into effect at end of 2016.
The resolution also states that the Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan are also reorganized into the National Guard of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
The Chicago Sun-Times has reorganized its leadership positions.