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Past tense and past participle of repay.
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I have ill repaid that trouble -- ill repaid your kindness to me in after life.
"They have all been repaid," said Robin; "my lord of Hereford himself gave them to me."
But of this adventure you shall be told in the next tale; for I have already shown you how Sir Richard of the Lea repaid his debt, with interest.
Tulliver as tenant, and be willing to advance money to be repaid with high interest out of the profits of the business, which would be made over to him, Mr.
My second brother is in Peru, so wealthy that with what he has sent to my father and to me he has fully repaid the portion he took with him, and has even furnished my father's hands with the means of gratifying his natural generosity, while I too have been enabled to pursue my studies in a more becoming and creditable fashion, and so to attain my present standing.
'If you can wade through a few sentences of malice, meanness, falsehood, perjury, treachery, and cant,' said Slurk, handing the paper to Bob, 'you will, perhaps, be somewhat repaid by a laugh at the style of this ungrammatical twaddler.'
Thus, erelong, buds fairer than that she had lost lay on the rose mother's breast, and for all she had suffered she was well repaid by the love of Lily-Bell and her sister flowers.
If a company decides not to continue its ESOP after the acquisition loan is repaid and shares are allocated to participants, it can terminate the plan.
Summary: Shaikh Mohammed has issued a decree waiving certain percentages of amounts if the borrower repaid a loan before its maturity date.
With the proposed payment, it will have repaid EUR750m of debt since the start of the year.
NORTHERN Rock has already repaid pounds 4 billion of the pounds 25 billion it owes taxpayers.
Generally, debt is discharged when it becomes clear that the debt will never have to be repaid, based on a practical assessment of the facts and circumstances.