(rɪˈpɛərˌpɜr sən)

a person whose occupation is the making of repairs, readjustments, etc.
usage: See -person.
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Since then, a recovery process is conducted by a repairperson to remove aging causes and reconfigure the subsystems [55].
Albeit, my verbal communication skills have painfully inched along, and I do need help from Chinese friends for such needs as finding a repairperson or private car, for instance, to take me to the airport in the wee hours of the morning, but the upshot is that most of my friends are Chinese.
Lower maintenance costs: Under the current model, when an instrument fails for whatever reason, bringing a repairperson to the site or shipping the unit back for repairs will result in a process delay.
DR: After the military I moved to Los Angeles and got a job as a repairperson in a music store.
But the real way that a repairperson makes money is by using fewer hours than are written up in the book.
When devices fail, schools typically call customer support, pore through warranty info, and/or wait for a repairperson or new equipment to arrive.
Major equipment repairs or modifications should only be performed by a certified repairperson, and those invoices should also be kept on file.
Ryan is the shop mechanic, the janitor, the roof repairperson, the salesperson, the accounts manager.
What matters then is how people figure out how to work with and around the contingencies that always arise, whether it's a nest of raccoons or a customer who can't wait for a repairperson and wants instructions over the phone.
While researching for the book, she talked to more than 100 side hustlers, from an instrument repairperson who does voice-overs to a former deli worker who built a lucrative cake business.
A representative of the one on the north side has been contacted and a local repairperson was contacted to make repairs but was a no show.
Keep an eye on your airconditioner, and have a repairperson check it for leaks that could be letting CFCs escape.