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Possible to repair: reparable damage to the car; reparable wrongs.

[French réparable, from Latin reparābilis, from reparāre, to repair; see repair1.]

rep′a·ra·bil′i·ty n.
rep′a·ra·bly adv.
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It's being packaged by a political establishment in the Southern part of the country and all its wings; political, legal, et al, are already involved, pushing vigorously the deal of getting both the suspended CJN and the gluttonous acting fellow to quit, for Onnoghen, in return, to earn a clean bill of accountability after he had been reparably damaged globally over his asset declaration saga.
Well, I said reparably because with God nothing shall be impossible.
Several years shy of sexual maturity, Ludo is presumed by all adult onlookers to be reparably diverted from the path of normative development.