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 (rĭ-pēt′, rē′pēt′)
v. re·peat·ed, re·peat·ing, re·peats
1. To say again: Could you repeat the question?
2. To utter in duplication of another's utterance: repeated the customer's complaint in disbelief.
3. To recite from memory: repeated the poem verbatim.
4. To tell to another: repeated what he had heard that morning.
5. To do, experience, or produce again: repeat past successes; repeat a course; repeat a pattern.
6. To express (oneself) in the same way or words: repeats himself constantly.
a. To say something again.
b. To do or experience something again, especially to win a championship for a second time in a row.
c. To occur or happen again: The melody repeats in the refrain.
2. To commit the fraudulent offense of voting more than once in a single election.
1. An act of repeating.
2. Something repeated, as an interval in athletic training.
3. A broadcast of a television or radio program that has been previously broadcast; a rerun.
4. Music
a. A passage or section that is repeated.
b. A sign usually consisting of two vertical dots, indicating a passage to be repeated.
Of, relating to, or being something that repeats or is repeated: a repeat offender; a repeat performance of the play.

[Middle English repeten, from Old French repeter, from Latin repetere, to seek again : re-, re- + petere, to seek; see pet- in Indo-European roots.]

re·peat′a·bil′i·ty n.
re·peat′a·ble adj.
Synonyms: repeat, iterate, reiterate, restate
These verbs mean to state again: repeated the warning; iterate a demand; reiterated the question; restated the obvious.
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Adj.1.repeatable - able or fit to be repeated or quoted; "what he said was not repeatable in polite company"; "he comes up with so many quotable phrases"
unquotable, unrepeatable - not able or fit to be repeated or quoted; "what he said was funny but unquotable"
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Repeatable results BiB Ophthalmic Instruments will showcase the MP-eye by Azul Optics, following the announcement of an exclusive UK distribution and marketing agreement between the companies.
Thus, readings are always taken on the same sample area, which ensures repeatable positioning and reliable results.
PULSAR PROCESS MEASUREMENT reports it has launched mmWAVE, a compact FMCW RADAR sensor that offers high accuracy, repeatable level measurement and compatibility with Pulsar's full range of level controllers and says that means that its customers can choose between mmWAVE RADAR and dB ultrasonic measurement without having to make any compromises in terms of functionality - they choose the right control solution and simply pair it with the appropriate measurement technology for the application.
Now, tecsis engineers have found a way to virtually eliminate loading-induced error and create the most accurate and repeatable loading-induced error and create the most accurate and repeatable load pin on the market.
It delivers fast, accurate and repeatable viscosity measurements for oil, lubricants and supercritical fluids, etc.
This new technology captures and transmits real-time data for consistent, repeatable results regardless of grain type or operating conditions, helping ensure that grain haulers and farmers can achieve optimal loads that maximize the value of every trailer load.
Offering fast, repeatable color matching with tight tolerances, the new system ensures batch-to-batch consistency and provides excellent clarity, according to the company.
This latest upgrade makes the system easier to use and provides a consistent and repeatable fine focus with minimal user interaction, as it removes the subjective nature of manually fine focusing.
Those companies are referred to as the "great repeatable models" because they do what they do best again and again, expanding into one market after another, learning as they go.
According to the authors, nearly half of what differentiates the best performers from the worst, in any industry; lies in how these Great Repeatable Model companies exemplify three simple, yet powerful, business principles.
Separations of vitamins, amino acids and dyes have been demonstrated producing repeatable results.