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also re·pel·lant  (rĭ-pĕl′ənt)
1. Inspiring aversion or distaste; repulsive. See Synonyms at hateful, offensive.
2. Resistant or impervious to a substance. Often used in combination: a water-repellent fabric.
3. Serving or tending to repel something, especially insects: a repellent spray.
Something that repels, especially:
a. A substance used to repel insects.
b. A substance or treatment for making a fabric or surface impervious or resistant to something else.

re·pel′lence, re·pel′len·cy n.
re·pel′lent·ly adv.
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In his study, he found out that tobacco's insect repellency and scavenger properties work well in plywood as they solve two of its major problems: termites and formaldehyde emissions.
During the research, Medella Laboratories' natural product and a DEET based product were tested for repellency against the biting effects of Blackflies.
PFAS are used in many consumer goods because of their unique ingredients such as water and stain repellency. However, a number of scientists and health professionals expressed concerns over the use of these chemicals since they persist for a very long time, seep into our water and soil system, and may adversely impact human health and wildlife.
tallow amidoethyl)-2-hydoxyethyl ammonium methyl sulfate), water, preservative, fragrance and optionally an anti-static agent, dye transfer inhibition/color protection agent, odor removal/odor capturing agent, soil shielding/soil releasing agent, ultraviolet light protection agents, sanitizing agent, disinfecting agent, water repellency agents, insect repellency agent, anti-pilling agents, scouring agent, mildew removing agent, enzyme, allergicide agent, starch agent, bleaching agent, optical brightness agent, colorant/hueing agent, and/or surfactant.
Available in four different color tones --Brown, Cedar, Redwood and Gray--the product has multiple features that include an easy one-coat application, NeverWet water repellency properties, UV fading/ damage protection and protection from stains caused by mold and mildew.
Although such improvements are well observed, few studies have examined the negative impacts of organic additions to soil, particularly with respect to soil water repellency (SWR).
The down is water-repellent and stays dry 10 times longer than untreated down.The water repellency won't wash out and is free of harmful fluorocarbons.
Then, an additional step, a kind of sandblasting of the surface, can be added as an optional process to increase the water repellency even more.
Nano-Care Deutschland AG , a mid-sized company based in Saarwellingen offers a coating system for water and oil repellency that aims to revolutionize textile finishing.
camara showed very high repellency while the methanol extract of H.
Dow Corning 904H Coating Additive can also improve water resistance, repellency and beading in coatings by increasing their surface hydrophobicity.