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also re·pel·lant  (rĭ-pĕl′ənt)
1. Inspiring aversion or distaste; repulsive. See Synonyms at hateful, offensive.
2. Resistant or impervious to a substance. Often used in combination: a water-repellent fabric.
3. Serving or tending to repel something, especially insects: a repellent spray.
Something that repels, especially:
a. A substance used to repel insects.
b. A substance or treatment for making a fabric or surface impervious or resistant to something else.

re·pel′lence, re·pel′len·cy n.
re·pel′lent·ly adv.
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Adv.1.repellently - in a repellent manner; "repellently fat"
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You must know that when I was in Berlin I frequently used to hear the Berliners repeat, and repellently prolong, a certain phrase--namely, 'Ja wohl
The film was quickly seen, at the time of its release, to present a repellently indifferent and instrumentalizing view of race relations and the politics surrounding them," The New Yorker shares.
MANOHLA DARGIS NYT SYNDICATE THE story and its players look different in the latest screen iteration of Dangerous Liaisons, but the venomous passions remain repellently, seductively familiar.
Kentley, as Hardwicke gently plays him, is a diminished, wearied, pitiable paterfamilias; we experience Rupert's chiding of him and Brandon's intensification of this chiding as repellently insensitive and then truly sadistic-a sadism only metonymic of the larger sadism of the entire plan.
Her family's religious tradition is high Anglican, and her sister-in-law Caroline is repellently devout.
After Cecile returns home from a visit to a family whose standards of housekeeping she finds repellently slovenly, she gazes with pleasure on her kitchen tools, including the dish-cloths, which now hold greater significance: "These coppers, big and little, these brooms and clouts and brushes, were tools; and with them one made, not shoes of cabinetwork, but life itself" (227).
He came to think James incurably soft-hearted, and James, in response, came to think Holmes repellently hard-headed.