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Characterized by or demonstrating repentance; penitent.

re·pen′tant·ly adv.
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Adv.1.repentantly - showing remorse
impenitently, unrepentantly - in an impenitent manner; "he repeated his position unrepentantly"
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"I couldn't help it, Janet," said Anne repentantly. "I just felt as if I had stood by and seen murder done.
"Oh, I know I'm a great trial to you, Marilla," said Anne repentantly. "I make so many mistakes.
Then, whatever inconvenience or distress of mind the deception cost him, it was manful repentantly to accept as among its consequences, and make no complaint.
Some people are sanctimoniously pointing out what Olusegun Obasanjo said about Atiku in written form and in speeches, but they conveniently leave out what transpired when Atiku came visiting and remorsefully and repentantly acknowledged his mistakes of the past from which he admitted he had learned a lot of lessons.
Over the course of Volume 3 it grows increasingly unclear whether Fleetwood means to present his self-deceptions repentantly (as in St.
God then offers the forgiveness of sins, an act of reconciliation, only when people come repentantly to him.
If anything, the heart-rending massacre of 25 innocent pilgrims in the Mastung terrorist strike should bring home to the rulers in Islamabad more tellingly, though repentantly as well, how superficial is their approach to tackle the terrorism monstrosity blighting the nation so bloodily.