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1. The act or process or an instance of repeating or being repeated.
2. A recitation or recital, especially of prepared or memorized material.

[Middle English repeticioun, from Old French repeticion, from Latin repetītiō, repetītiōn-, from repetītus, past participle of repetere, to repeat; see repeat.]

rep′e·ti′tion·al adj.
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Repetitional assessments of critical habitats continued across the seven designated drainage complexes in 2010, the tenth consecutive growing season of this investigation.
"Where we shall go is where we have been; where we have been is where we shall go--but with a difference," intones Senator Sunraider, the "we" ostensibly meaning the United States at large but also gesturing, unconsciously, toward the community of African Americans that raised Sunraider (ne Bliss) and instilled in him the rhythmic repetitional rhetorics of the "dozens" as well as of the church (Three Days 239).