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Given to or characterized by repetition.

re·pet′i·tive·ly adv.
re·pet′i·tive·ness n.
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Adv.1.repetitively - in a repetitive manner; "this type of border display is used repetitively in advertising"
بصورةٍ مُتَكَرِّرَه
stále dokola
stále dookola
tekrar tekrar


(rəˈpiːt) verb
1. to say or do again. Would you repeat those instructions, please?
2. to say (something one has heard) to someone else, sometimes when one ought not to. Please do not repeat what I've just told you.
3. to say (something) one has learned by heart. to repeat a poem.
something which is repeated. I'm tired of seeing all these repeats on television; (also adjective) a repeat performance.
reˈpeated adjective
said, done etc many times. In spite of repeated warnings, he went on smoking.
reˈpeatedly adverb
many times. I've asked him for it repeatedly.
repetition (repəˈtiʃən) noun
(an) act of repeating.
repetitive (rəˈpetətiv) adjective
doing, saying, the same thing too often. His speeches are very repetitive; My job is a bit repetitive.
reˈpetitively adverb
reˈpetitiveness noun
repeat oneself
to repeat what one has already said. Listen carefully because I don't want to have to repeat myself.

to repeat (not repeat again) the lessons.
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Both countries routinely and repetitively accuse each other of harbouring and supporting terrorist groups and using them against each other.
NSG), where country's bid has been repetitively stonewalled by a small group led by China.
It folds back an observation onto itself, then does it again, then a third time, as if some greater mystery can be found in a man repetitively rubbing his knees on a train.
VCTS provides training for critical vehicle operator and crew tasks that can be repetitively trained in a simulator and that are considered too time consuming, resource constrained, or dangerous to be conducted on actual equipment.
Further prospects for the development and application of both self-contained lasers and the discharges used by the excitation of active media of such lasers are also confirmed by the fact that this monograph is directed not only to the generalization of the results of experimental and theoretical investigations of the energy characteristics of the self-contained lasers but also to the generalization of the results of investigations of high-voltage repetitively pulsed periodic discharges used for the excitation of these lasers.
15 (BNA): Northern Governorate Deputy Prosecutor Mahmoud Al-Siddiqui said the Public Prosecution had received several reports from Budaiya Police Station informing that some individuals were arrested for repetitively participating in unlicensed rallies in Deraz on various dates even though they had been warned against it.
Hezbollah has repetitively called on the Lebanese government to end the presence of Daesh and Nusra militants on the border.
Thampu has been at loggerheads with a section of teachers who have repetitively raised demands for his removal over various issues.
That tragedy was buried by the repetitively self-congratulatory quotes in the article with the attendant color photo of everyone smiling.
Don't forget to rub Vaseline on body areas that will repetitively rub against your clothing and use second-skin plasters on feet to avoid blisters.
Given that the columnists at the Telegram & Gazette typically, predictably and repetitively write about the same negative aspects of Worcester, it's about time these same columnists find space in the paper to report the good things here -- this school's results are some of them.
The first handed out because of a dive at Turf Moor, while the second was for repetitively tangling with Everton's Seamus Coleman, which later led to a Costa taunt after the Toffees defender scored an own-goal.