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tr.v. re·phrased, re·phras·ing, re·phras·es
To phrase again, especially to state in a new, clearer, or different way.
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Noun1.rephrasing - changing a particular word or phrase
revising, rewriting - editing that involves writing something again
paraphrase, paraphrasis - rewording for the purpose of clarification
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9/75 by setting a general framework for a new draft law regulating planning under the title "Development Planning Law" along with formation of a committee for rephrasing the views of the members of the State Council on the draft law as a step for referral of the same to the Council of Ministers.
I have noted more than one celebrant rephrasing the Collect to overcome contorted syntax.
The technology uses morphological analysis and difference detection to find interchangeable components from two different ways of asking the same question, and learns rules about diverse forms of how the same question might be posed (hereafter referred to as rephrasing).
Rephrasing a popular political slogan used by opposition in Pakistan 'Go Nawaz Go', she called it 'Gone Nawaz Gone' - indicating expulsion of sitting PM after court orders.
Mexican artist Tania Perez Cordova's first major museum show will occupy the entire south side of the MCA's main-floor galleries and will feature work developed for the occasion in a "rephrasing" of previous works--a strategy in line with her sensitivity to the specificity of space.
"Meanwhile, a number of car dealers have conveyed their initial approval of the procedures but are awaiting the response of the manufacturing companies, in particular regarding the rephrasing of the conditions and the procedures of printing new warranty booklets and documents and distributing them to their clients.
MANILA -- Lawmakers in the House of Representatives said rephrasing the unconstitutional provisions of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) is not enough for the proposed measure to pass the scrutiny of Congress.
From knocking out negative belief patterns to fostering investigative dialogues that involve rephrasing techniques and uncovering underlying negative perceptions, this is packed with meditations linked to specific changes and actions: "The crafty, subtle negative beliefs that we have about ourselves and others must be uncovered if we desire to live more happily.
Internet users of Armenia have been actively smiling at presidential election, by rephrasing chiefly the statements by
Rather than just rephrasing the standards, they explain and compare them.
The characters certainly talk a lot but they say very little, rephrasing the same feelings and regrets until they finally get their point across.