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Noun1.replaceability - exchangeability by virtue of being replaceable
exchangeability, fungibility, interchangeability, interchangeableness - the quality of being capable of exchange or interchange
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With increased reasons for car replaceability, many consumers opt for used cars due to their significant cost advantages.
Portability###Installability Conformance, Replaceability, Adaptability,
13] introduce replaceability as a metric for determining web service composition.
Replaceability of the interlayer cations of vermiculite with ammonium and potassium ions.
In light of this replaceability, the inadequacy of language and personal narrative in Beckett appears as a sign of the autobiographical silence shared by all living creatures.
Clark maintained his position and relied on his replaceability test to refute Kozma's challenge.
This is considered as dry construction-thus allowing for on-site replaceability, repair or refinishing of components such as tops, sides, etc.
According to the transaction cost economics (TCE) literature (Williamson, 1991), dependence is regarded as the cost of replaceability (Heide & John, 1988) and a firm that expects to incur large termination and switching costs with a particular partner in an exchange is considered to be dependent on that particular firm.
Although there exist a variety of flexibilities in the manufacturing process [29, 30], processing flexibility that indicates the operation replaceability for the same feature in the job and operation flexibility that indicates the machine replaceability for the same operation are the major flexibilities adopted in the DIPPS problem.
Replaceability, Career Choice, and Making a Difference.
Each newsroom will become more specialized, with less simple replaceability of employees and functions from one newsroom to the next.
Prior studies show that the sources of greater bargaining power in an alliance are rooted in the unavailability of alternative resources or less replaceability of a partner (e.