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tr.v. re·placed, re·plac·ing, re·plac·es
a. To put back into a former position or place: replaced the sofa after vacuuming.
b. To restore or return: replaced the money he had stolen.
2. To take the place of: Jets have largely replaced propeller planes. Nurse practitioners are replacing doctors in some clinics.
3. To fill the place of; provide a substitute for: replaced the team's coach; replaced the wall-to-wall carpeting with hardwood floors. See Usage Note at substitute.

re·place′a·ble adj.
re·plac′er n.
Synonyms: replace, supersede, supplant
These verbs mean to put someone or something in the place of another. To replace is to be or to furnish an equivalent or substitute, especially for one that has been lost, depleted, worn out, or discharged: "We can learn to replace turbulent passions with peaceful emotions" (Margaret Visser).
To supersede is to replace one person or thing by another held to be more valuable or useful, or less antiquated: "In our island the Latin appears never to have superseded the old Gaelic speech" (Thomas Macaulay).
Supplant often suggests the use of intrigue or underhanded tactics to take another's place: "The rivaling poor Jones, and supplanting him in her affections, added another spur to his pursuit" (Henry Fielding).
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Adj.1.replaceable - capable of being replaced
expendable - suitable to be expended
irreplaceable, unreplaceable - impossible to replace; "irreplaceable antiques"
sem hægt er aî skipta um


[rɪˈpleɪsəbl] ADJreemplazable, sustituible
it will not easily be replaceableno será fácil encontrar uno igual
he will not easily be replaceableno será fácil encontrar un sustituto


adj personersetzbar, zu ersetzen; (= renewable) components, parts alsoaustauschbar


(rəˈpleis) verb
1. to put, use etc (a person, thing etc), or to be put, used etc, in place of another. I must replace that broken lock; He replaced the cup he broke with a new one; Cars have replaced horses as the normal means of transport.
2. to put (something) back where it was. Please replace the books on the shelves.
reˈplaceable adjective
reˈplacement noun
I must find a replacement for my secretary – she's leaving next week.
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A stout fixed blade has been the go-to knife of hunters for centuries, but lightweight folding knives with replaceable blades are a new trend.
The agreement, which provides Line Replaceable Unit support for 787 Dreamliner engines, builds on the foundation of a previously contracted Component Services Program with the airline in 2015 and strengthens the services commitment.
Available in three styles: monobloc, ring, and replaceable head
Company has unveiled a removable and replaceable Holland 2-in.
The One Toothbrush features a replaceable silver head and a specially balanced handle for precise control.
The Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology's S-Droplet SDG 2000 bypasses those hurdles by utilizing low-cost, easily replaceable and disposable plastic microfluidic chips for bio-encapsulation.
In addition, the Phoenix series is desgned to be longer lasting as it is enhanced with replaceable ultrasonic transducers as well as dining pulleys with bearings.
The unit offers an autoclavable stainless steel dish chamber with replaceable glass coverslip bottoms in both 20 and 25 mm diameter sizes.
A new designed family of replaceable tips is designed to maximize the amount of usable material on each cleaner blade.
Key features include: bi-directional (cuts in both directions), facilitating pushback; large replaceable carbide cutters positioned in independent cutting paths; replaceable fluid ports located along the edge of each wing presoak the path of the oncoming cutters; compact length and centralizing ring.
The device also features non-removable absorbent core component disposed in the crotch region between the chassis topsheet and the chassis backsheet; a first replaceable absorbent core component disposed between the chassis topsheet and the chassis backsheet and in capillary liquid communication with the non-removable absorbent core component, the first replaceable absorbent core component having a structure distinct from the chassis topsheet.
The Hearing Aid Vacuum Cleaner has replaceable suction syringes with soft tips and a replaceable, washable filter.