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v. re·plen·ished, re·plen·ish·ing, re·plen·ish·es
1. To fill or make complete again; add a new stock or supply to: replenish the larder.
2. To inspire or nourish: The music will replenish my weary soul.
To become full again.

[Middle English replenisshen, from Old French replenir, repleniss- : re-, re- + plenir, to fill (from plein, full, from Latin plēnus; see pelə- in Indo-European roots).]

re·plen′ish·er n.
re·plen′ish·ment n.
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Noun1.replenishment - filling again by supplying what has been used upreplenishment - filling again by supplying what has been used up
filling - flow into something (as a container)
إعادَة ملء او تَزْويد
újra megtöltés


[rɪˈplenɪʃmənt] N [of tank] → rellenado m; [of stocks] → reposición f


nErgänzung f; (when badly depleted) → Wiederauffüllen nt; (of glass)Auffüllen nt; (of shelves)Nachfüllen nt


[rɪˈplɛnɪʃmənt] n (frm) (gen) → rifornimento


(rəˈpleniʃ) verb
to fill up again; to fill up (one's supply of something) again. We must replenish our stock of coal.
reˈplenishment noun
References in classic literature ?
There are men pitted against men, and against beasts for the edification of Issus and the replenishment of her larder.
delicately signified that his glass was empty, by throwing back his head and standing the glass upside down on his nose and upper lip, it might have been charitable in Mrs Wilfer to suggest replenishment.
Our stores of provisions, supplemented by our guns, were holding out well, but the day must come when they would need replenishment.
The transaction is entering the third year of the initial three-year replenishment period and Lloyds can replenish the portfolio subject to replenishment criteria aimed at limiting additional risks.
The replenishment function is responsible for the movement of product from storage--or, in some operations, directly from receiving--to where it will be picked.
Purell is joining Amazon's Dash Replenishment program, which automatically replenishes product supply with the touch of the button.
To streamline their deliveries to customers, many organizations have adopted continuous replenishment programs.
In the current company blog, Ultriva's CEO, Narayan Laksham, explored how Global multi-national manufacturers can use supplier replenishment as the ultimate tool in lean manufacturing best-practices.
For the mass production of artemisinin via large volume culture vessels, the selection of the type of culture system; closed batch system or intermittent medium replenishment batch system is necessary for high productivity to be achieved.
Water Minister Bill Marmion today announced the Advanced Water Recycling Plant in Craigie had received more than 6,000 visitors since the Groundwater Replenishment Trial began in 2010.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-13 January 2009-i2 Technologies Inc offers hosted store forecasting and replenishment solution(C)1994-2009 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.