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 (rĕp′lĭ-kās′, -kāz′)
Any of various enzymes that catalyze the synthesis of an RNA molecule from an RNA template (as in a virus) or a DNA molecule from a DNA template.


(ˈrɛplɪˌkeɪs; ˈrɛplɪˌkeɪz)
any enzyme that catalyses the replication of RNA

RNA synthetase

an enzyme that catalyzes the synthesis of RNA in cells infected with RNA viruses, allowing production of copies of the viral RNA. Also called replicase.
[1960–65; synthet(ic) + -ase]
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These nonstructural proteins are Coronaviridae-wide conserved domains in replicase polyprotein pp lab.
Cellular mechanisms translate the viral structural and nonstructural proteins from the viral RNA, and the RNA is replicated by the viral replicase in conjunction with cellular factors.
The process starts when the virus produces replicase and once the translation inside the cell has taken place, the replicase is translated and any further translation is stopped by a stop codon.
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Basener applies mathematical dynamic modeling analysis to evolution based on an extinction of human civilization and in vitro QP replicase experiments.
The IBD viruses like many RNA viruses evolve quickly because of the low proofreading activity of their viral replicase [10].
2008), con el objetivo de desarrollar un instrumento que replicase la estructura factorial de esta medida previa, consistente en dos factores cognitivos (Adopcion de perspectivas y Comprension emocional) y dos factores afectivos (Estres empatico y Alegria empatica).
Phosphoprotein NS5A, although typically not considered to display direct enzymatic activity, constitutes an essential component of the HCV replicase and it has also been shown to "cross-talk" with most non-structural proteins (e.
En general, tenderan a replicase aquellos entes informativos pre-existentes (rutinas, tecnicas, estrategias) que parezcan otorgar beneficios (en algun sentido (20)) a las empresas.
The gene product, the non-structural protein NS 1, has been shown to be involved with DNA, helps with replicase function and is cytotoxic for host cells.