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A genetic element that undergoes replication as an autonomous unit.


(Genetics) genetics a region of a DNA molecule that is replicated from a single origin
[C20: from replic(ation) + -on]


(ˈrɛp lɪˌkɒn)

any genetic element that can regulate and effect its own replication from initiation to completion.
[< French (1963), shortened form of réplication; see -on1]
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coli transconjugants by using the PCR-based replicon typing method (31).
In pNZ8008, pNZ8148, pNZ8149, and pNZ8150 vectors, replicon was the same and arose from pSH71 plasmid of L.
11-14) Moreover, plasmids were searched following the PCR-based replicon typing (PBRT) scheme targeting replicons of the major incompatibility groups (Inc) harboring/disseminating antibiotic resistance genes in Enterobacteriaceae.
Bartenschlager, The Hepatitis C Virus Replicon System: from Basic Research to Clinical Application.
For the first, it allows to determine the properties and functions of the genes carried by its replicon, which will provide new data on the species concerned.
Development of porcine respiratory and reproductive syndrome virus replicon vector for Foot-and-mouth disease vaccine.
The plasmid encoding OXA-48 [beta]-lactamase did not belong to any known PCR-based replicon typing.
Long stretches of short tandem repeats are present in the largest replicons of the Archaea Haloferax mediterranei and Haloferax volcanii and could be involved in replicon partitioning.
The plasmid DNA was then used in a PCR-based replicon typing method with previously described primers and conditions [sup][19],[20] to determine the plasmid incompatibility groups including F, FIA, FIB, FIC, HI1, HI2, I1-Ic, L/M, N, P, W, T, A/C, K, B/O, X, Y, and FII.
SAPHIR will issue i) knowledge of immune mechanisms of protection, ii) affordable, safe and multivalent vaccines with DIVA properties, iii) efficient adjuvants targeting dendritic cells, optimal formulations, new mucosal and skin delivery systems, a new generation of DNA vectors and viral replicon platforms for fostering an earlier and longer duration of immunity including the perinatal period, and iv) basal biomarkers of individual immuno-competence for future breeding strategies.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 24, 2016-Biarri selects Replicon to drive greater workforce efficiencies