report back

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يُعِدُّ تَقْريرا ويُقَدِّمه
podat zprávu
melde tilbage
jelentést tesz
gefa skÿrslu
podať správu
bilgi vermekdönüp anlatmak

w>report back

(= announce one’s return)sich zurückmelden
(= give report)Bericht erstatten (to sb jdm)


(rəˈpoːt) noun
1. a statement or description of what has been said, seen, done etc. a child's school report; a police report on the accident.
2. rumour; general talk. According to report, the manager is going to resign.
3. a loud noise, especially of a gun being fired.
1. to give a statement or description of what has been said, seen, done etc. A serious accident has just been reported; He reported on the results of the conference; Our spies report that troops are being moved to the border; His speech was reported in the newspaper.
2. to make a complaint about; to give information about the misbehaviour etc of. The boy was reported to the headmaster for being rude to a teacher.
3. to tell someone in authority about. He reported the theft to the police.
4. to go (to a place or a person) and announce that one is there, ready for work etc. The boys were ordered to report to the police-station every Saturday afternoon; Report to me when you return; How many policemen reported for duty?
reˈporter noun
a person who writes articles and reports for a newspaper. Reporters and photographers rushed to the scene of the fire.
reported speech
indirect speech.
report back
to come again and report (to someone); to send a report (to someone). He was asked to study the matter in detail and report back to the committee.
References in classic literature ?
In choice of instruments, it is better to choose men of a plainer sort, that are like to do that, that is committed to them, and to report back again faithfully the success, than those that are cunning, to contrive, out of other men's business, somewhat to grace themselves, and will help the matter in report for satisfaction's sake.
If I don't have that report back unread, you'll never leave New York.
The form three student was suspended last Thursday and ordered to report back with 1,000 loaves of bread as punishment.
Set targets for exercise and keep a workout log: "At the beginning of the week, write your exercise aims for the week in a notebook, then at the end of the week, report back in that same notebook.
Salah is among nine players who will report back at Melwood to start pre-season training today following an extended summer break due to international commitments.
Researchers who report back benefit by building trust with participants (Hernick et al.
The Committee has a mandate through a resolution of the National Assembly to conduct an inquiry into the fitness of members of the SABC Board to hold office and then report back to the House on 28 February 2017.
YANN M'Vila is expected to report back for Rubin Kazan training later this week - despite missing the club's first day back yesterday.
ROBERTO Di Matteo has told his new players to report back for pre-season training with the fight and hunger needed to mount an assault on the Championship title.
They were given the devices after being released from custody with notices to report back to immigration officials, according to a confidential ICE document obtained by The Associated Press.
The Ulster CCC met to discuss the controversy in Armagh and assembled a committee which will report back to the CCC with its findings.
Although there was no final resolution on the outstanding matters, Mr Morgan and Mr Butt were positive about their discussions and will now report back to their respective boards ahead of another meeting between the two men in the near future at a date and time to be confirmed.