report to

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w>report to

vi +prep obj (in organization) → unterstellt sein (+dat), → unterstehen (+dat); who do you report to?wer ist Ihr Vorgesetzter?
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I would not even look at the report to which you allude if it was placed in my hands--I have heard more than enough already of that hideous life in the palace at Venice.
Other Issues -- Auditors should report to the audit committee all critical accounting policies and practices used, all alternative treatments of financial information according to GAAP that have been discussed with management, the ramifications of the use of alternative disclosures and treatments and the preferred treatment.
The administering entity is responsible for determining whether modifying the peer review report to reflect the limitation in scope is required.
We wanted to use our annual report to get people excited about the great things to come and to recruit new members," says Dorman.
The UCR Program compiles data from monthly law enforcement reports or individual crime incident records transmitted directly to the FBI or to centralized state agencies that then report to the FBI.
If no hate crime incidents occurred in their jurisdictions that quarter, the agencies must still submit the Quarterly Hate Crime Report to report zero hate crime incidents.
In lieu of conducting such an investigation, however, the chief legal officer of the original attorney may refer the report to a "qualified legal compliance committee." This committee is a special committee of the board of directors that is made up of independent directors, at least one of whom must be on the issuer's audit committee or its equivalent.
If the category is retained in the regulations, the government should also permit taxpayers to report book income in accordance with the method used to report to shareholders and creditors.
He made the remarks at a hearing July 27 in which officials of the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) presented a report to Congress alleging that more than half of the nation's nursing homes are deficient in nurses' aide staffing, almost a quarter fall short in total licensed personnel, and about a third have insufficient RN staffing to meet the ne eds of their patients.
After completing these steps, the FBI forwards the report to DOJ for review.
In trying to use the report to minimize damage to their images, two major political players scored own goals.