report to

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w>report to

vi +prep obj (in organization) → unterstellt sein (+dat), → unterstehen (+dat); who do you report to?wer ist Ihr Vorgesetzter?
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I would not even look at the report to which you allude if it was placed in my hands--I have heard more than enough already of that hideous life in the palace at Venice.
Other Issues -- Auditors should report to the audit committee all critical accounting policies and practices used, all alternative treatments of financial information according to GAAP that have been discussed with management, the ramifications of the use of alternative disclosures and treatments and the preferred treatment.
The administering entity is responsible for determining whether modifying the peer review report to reflect the limitation in scope is required.
In many cases, service providers have simply refused to provide any internal control report to their customers--and again, user auditors haven't stepped up to demand them or require that they be allowed to conduct independent control tests at the service provider.
CEO Jim Will has many pluses to report to shareholders in his letter, including net income that rose 136 percent and earnings per share that nearly quadrupled.
For example, where the commercial financial statements or tax return for a foreign affiliate for a reporting period corresponding with the Canadian taxpayer's year is not available, permit the Canadian information report to be based on the most recently completed accounts or tax return for the foreign affiliate.
A major frustration encountered during the research phase of this study was finding a surprising dearth of research or literature on the usefulness of the annual report to the institutional investor.
Use the report to emphasize its enhanced functions.
The annual report was born in 1823 when Baltimore Gas & Electric Company - BGE today - introduced a new corporate concept: the annual report to shareholders of publicly held companies.
When it comes to design, an important question to ask is: "What do we want this report to do for our company?
On the average, the respondents estimated that their companies would incur costs of almost $700 per report to set up the necessary systems for receiving and reconciling information returns.