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 (rē′pə-zĭsh′ən, rĕp′ə-)
1. The act of repositing or the condition of being reposited.
2. The return of something, such as a bone, to its proper position.
tr.v. (rē′pə-) re·po·si·tioned, re·po·si·tion·ing, re·po·si·tions
1. To place or put in a new position; position again.
2. To update or change the marketing of (a product or service).
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Noun1.repositioning - the act of placing in a new position
locating, positioning, emplacement, location, placement, position - the act of putting something in a certain place
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(Alliance News) - Hospitality-focused real estate firm PPHE Hotel Group Ltd said Wednesday that the Arena Kazela Campsite in Medulin, Croatia has completed a major project repositioning.
JLL Capital Markets experts arranged loan for the acquisition and repositioning of 580 Eighth Avenue, 251 West 39th Street and 36 East 20th Street for East End Capital the private Ungar family office and also arranged the partnership of the two firms.
Unit leaders, educators, and clinical nurses on the hospital skin committee completed these analyses by auditing documentation of patient repositioning, Braden scale risk score, and conducting interviews with involved clinical staff.
After a campus repositioning project that was completed in 2015 and included 75 new independent living units (ILU), total occupancy strengthened each year and is at healthy levels.
The transformation plan includes the repositioning of its clothing and home sections in order to make best use of its space and attract new customers, M&S explained to OT.
Uche, have called for repositioning of the church and the nation.
Global Banking News-October 2, 2017--Falcon Group launches strategic repositioning
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 23, 2017-Appliance Recycling Centers of America to Acquire Targets in High Growth Sectors as Part of Repositioning
Bunnings, part of retail giant Wesfarmers, snapped up Homebase in a PS340m deal last year and has been repositioning the brand.
We want to avoid misencounters between the government forces and the MILF, Sol said, adding: We repositioned the MILF from their communities to three repositioning sites.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-January 22, 2016-Ethika Investments funds acquisition, repositioning of Cascade Resort & Spa