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1. Shaped or decorated with patterns in relief formed by hammering and pressing on the reverse side. Used especially of metal.
2. Raised in relief.
1. A design in relief.
2. The technique of hammering and pressing designs in relief.

[French, past participle of repousser, to push back, from Old French : re-, re- + pousser, to push (from Latin pulsāre, to beat, frequentative of pellere, to push; see repel).]
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1. (Art Terms) raised in relief, as a design on a thin piece of metal hammered through from the underside
2. (Art Terms) decorated with such designs
3. (Art Terms) a design or surface made in this way
4. (Art Terms) the technique of hammering designs in this way
[C19: from French, from repousser to push back, from re- + pousser to push]
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(rə puˈseɪ)

1. (of a design) raised in relief by hammering on the reverse side.
2. ornamented or made in this kind of raised work.
3. the art or process of producing repoussé designs.
[1850–55; < French, past participle of repousser to push back; see re-, push]
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Decorative art worked in metal with the design hammered into relief from the reverse side.
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