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Deserving rebuke or censure: "Few legal codes were as reprehensible as the Jim Crow laws" (Pete Bodo).

[Middle English, from Old French, from Late Latin reprehēnsibilis, from Latin reprehēnsus, past participle of reprehendere, to reprehend; see reprehend.]

rep′re·hen′si·bil′i·ty, rep′re·hen′si·ble·ness n.
rep′re·hen′si·bly adv.
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Adv.1.reprehensibly - in a manner or to a degree deserving blame or censure
بصورةٍ مَسْؤولَه
á ámælisverîan hátt
suçlanacak şekilde


[ˌreprɪˈhensɪblɪ] ADVcensurablemente




[ˌrɛprɪˈhɛnsəblɪ] adv (frm) → riprovevolmente, in modo riprovevole


(repriˈhensəbl) adjective
deserving blame. a reprehensible act.
ˌrepreˈhensibly adverb
References in classic literature ?
Conscious of being reprehensibly dense I groped in the darkness of my mind: De Barral, De Barral--and all at once noise and light burst on me as if a window of my memory had been suddenly flung open on a street in the City.
She tried to follow her beam, with an expression upon her face which would have made any passer-by think her reprehensibly and almost ridiculously detached from the surrounding scene.
The United States has been reprehensibly slow in implementing
The only people who emerge with any credit out of it are Jane Chapple-Hyam for disassociating herself with the folly of it all, and Gina Mangan, who has been treated reprehensibly by the BHA.
Which is to offer no sympathy or mitigation to Evans nor any man who has acted so reprehensibly.
Gregor Purcell, defending Khan, said she admitted she had "behaved utterly reprehensibly.
They lived a confined and reprehensibly oppressive life before she was born, and it was only because of her birth that they were forced to confront it.
True, we've every right to feel incensed that the choice we now face is between a thoroughly corrupt cynic and a reprehensibly deranged manchild, but we've soldiered through worse, and we must believe that for every Millard Fillmorethe artful dealmaker who held on to power by signing the Fugitive Slave Act that mandated the return of escaped men and women to their masters down souththere's a Lincoln waiting in the wings, trembling with rage and ready to rise.
Even more reprehensibly, he has never given an account explaining his actions.
Yet they present a thoughtful variety of responses to their impossible situations--sometimes acting well, sometimes reprehensibly.
Expecting this unsavory, pornographic tale to shock Seligman, who later identifies as "asexual," Joe reprimands him for his flat, seemingly indifferent response, stating that he should have condemned her for "behav[ing] reprehensibly.