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Noun1.representative sample - the population is divided into strata and a random sample is taken from each stratum
statistics - a branch of applied mathematics concerned with the collection and interpretation of quantitative data and the use of probability theory to estimate population parameters
sample distribution, sampling, sample - items selected at random from a population and used to test hypotheses about the population
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A nationally representative sample of adult men and women from across the four provinces was asked the following question, 'Supreme Court of Pakistan has given its verdict on the Panama Leaks Case.
A survey of a representative sample of the population of citizens residing in the Walloon Region in order to obtain 2100 valid responses; B.
A negative result indicates all representative samples are negative; whereas a positive result indicates that at least one representative sample is positive and the enriched samples must be re-run through the Pathatrix and the MicroSEQ assay individually.
The information in this report is drawn from the responses of a nationally representative sample of school districts to a broader Center on Education Policy (CEP) survey on American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) administered in the spring of 2010.
Violent Felons in Large Urban Counties presents data collected from a representative sample of felony cases that resulted in a felony conviction for a violent offense in 40 of the 75 largest counties in the United States.
Kessler of Harvard Medical School in Boston interviewed a nationally representative sample of 3,378 workers.
They reviewed our audit policies and process controls, examined a representative sample of our 2004 audit engagement files and reports on government programs, and interviewed senior managers and staff responsible for selected engagements.
ACNielsen currently provides tracking of beverage alcohol retail sales across grocery, drug, liquor and convenience channels through its ScanTrack, LiquorTrack and ConvenienceTrack services; consumer-based information through its HomeScan consumer panel; and on-premise audits of a representative sample of more than 2600 restaurants, bars, nightclubs, hotels and recreational facilities in 26 major U.
In this survey, field personnel collected dust samples (and later analyzed their composition), recorded demographic and health data, and conducted visual inspections of a nationwide representative sample of 831 dwellings.
Opinion Research Business surveyed a representative sample of 1,019 adults by telephone last Nov.
1) In this nationally representative sample of young adults, whose average age was 22 at the time of the survey, the prevalence of trichomoniasis was significantly higher among women than among men (3% vs.
It was developed in three phases, which included focus groups with 14 chapters, an all-member online survey, and a paper-and-pencil survey with a representative sample of members.

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