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1. One that serves as an example or type for others of the same classification.
2. One that serves as a delegate or agent for another.
a. A member of a governmental body, usually legislative, chosen by popular vote.
b. A member of the US House of Representatives or of the lower house of a state legislature.
1. Representing, depicting, or portraying or able to do so.
2. Authorized to act as an official delegate or agent.
3. Of or characteristic of government by representation.
4. Like or typical of others of the same class.

rep′re·sen′ta·tive·ly adv.
rep′re·sen′ta·tive·ness n.
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[ˌrɛprɪˈzɛntətɪvnɪs] n [sample, cross-section] → représentativité f
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While we understand the FDA's goal of improving representativeness of clinical trial populations, we believe that policy development on this topic requires a more comprehensive approach.
What is the representativeness of women in the publications of herpetology in Piaui?
It pointed out that the failure to adopt the principle of horizontal parity is an infringement of the principle of equality between councils, and is thus a form of political violence based on discrimination; the aim is to prevent women from having a wide representativeness to influence decision-making.
Any such settings would need to be compliant with relevant regulations and in particular those regarding representativeness.
He had a meeting with Mr Ruwan Edirisinghe, President SAARC Chambers of Commerce and Industry, during a workshop on 'Promoting Outreach and Services to SMEs to Improve EBMO's representativeness' in Colombo, Sri Lanka.
However, the picture is not as straightforward in Lebanon, where the representativeness is called into question by several factors inherent to the law itself.
The test centre will be developed to continuously improve the representativeness, reliability and repeatability required by major aeronautical manufacturers.
REPRESENTATIVENESS. Geophysical data differ in what processes and what scales are represented.
Summary: New Delhi [India], August 4 (ANI): The Centre on Friday announced the revision of the base year to calculate the All-India Wholesale Price Index (WPI) from 2004-05 to 2011-12, as part of an exercise to capture structural changes in the economy and to improve the quality, coverage and representativeness of the indices.
As one of the main tasks of this COST Action was to minimise unnecessary repetition in biochar research, a representativeness survey of European biochar research was conducted consisting of both field-scale (Verheijen et al.
PNL president, Raluca Turcan, said that the appointments were decided by professionalism and political representativeness.
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