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tr.v. rep·re·sent·ed, rep·re·sent·ing, rep·re·sents
a. To have as a meaning, suggestion, or association; stand for or symbolize: The rose represents beauty. The bald eagle represents the United States.
b. To indicate or communicate by signs or symbols: Letters of the alphabet represent sounds.
a. To depict in art; portray: The painting represents a woman wearing a hat.
b. To describe or present in words; set forth: The article represents the shortcomings of our school system in some detail.
c. To act the part or role of: represented the villain in the story.
3. To present clearly to the mind: How are sense data represented to the mind?
4. To draw attention to by way of remonstrance or protest: Our parents represented to us the need for greater caution.
5. To describe or put forward (a person or thing) as an embodiment of a specified quality: tried to represent his opponent as untrustworthy.
a. To serve as a delegate or agent for: She represents a district that is very concerned about high rents.
b. To act as a spokesperson for.
7. To be an example or examples of: The museum had several paintings representing the artist's early style.
8. To be the equivalent of; amount to: The money in the bank represents the better part of their life savings.

[Middle English representen, from Old French representer, from Latin repraesentāre, to show : re-, re- + praesentāre, to present; see present2.]

rep′re·sent′a·bil′i·ty n.
rep′re·sent′a·ble adj.
rep′re·sent′er n.
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1. (Theatre) a person who represents or impersonates another person, primarily in the theatrical context
2. archaic a person who acts on behalf of another; representative
3. archaic a person who makes a representation, esp one who represents, describes, or presents a matter or situation in a particular way in order to influence an outcome
4. (Law) a variant spelling of representor
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References in classic literature ?
In the world even the best things are worthless without those who represent them: those representers, the people call great men.
But they have a taste for all representers and actors of great things.
Le Kenya a ete elu pour representer l'Afrique de l'Est apres avoir battu Djibouti.
Salman Aziz a youth representer said that poster designers took the full advantage of this opportunity by demanding high prices for carving standees.
Sur les raisons qui ont pousse le RND a solliciter le chef de l'Etat pour se representer aux presidentielle du printemps de 2019, Ouyahia a affirme que cette decision n'a pas ete prise pour faire taire des rumeurs.
Le representant du Service europeen pour l'action exterieure (SEAE) vient de leur infliger, ainsi qu'a l'escouade d'eurodeputes qui les soutiennent, une correction severe en leur otant toute qualite ou pretention de vouloir representer les populations sahraouies.
According to Oi-Tal village administration representer Kubatbek Osmonov, 4 machinery units are cleaning up the roads that connect Alaikuu valley with other regional centers.
J'ai concu la piece en me basant sur le concept que chaque endroit visite par Fogg pourrait representer un espace scenique, un style de jeu particulier inspire des traditions theatrales de l'endroit en question.