repressed memory

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re·pressed memory

A memory that is repressed because of the anxiety it engenders.
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[...] Others in the medical community, however, held deep reservations about the idea of repressed memory and the therapy techniques that purported to recover them."
This is known as the "Signorelli parapraxis" in the annals of Freudian psychoanalysis and is a famous example from Freud's own life of his principle of repressed memory. What was at the bottom of this?
Riddle was plagued by the repressed memory of sexual abuse that occurred to her at age five, and details her struggle with it during her childhood, teen, and college years and teaching career, as well as her experiences with celiac disease and other aspects of her life.
(9) It remains unclear whether the absence of repressed memory case law was due to a lack of repressed memory syndrome in Alaska or, rather, to victims' reluctance to bring recovered memory claims forward.
The issue of repressed memory is only one of the issues in this trial (if we are indeed even talking about a repressed memory).
The theory of repressed memory also became popular in Sweden, and the Swedish courts had cases, some of them quite famous, in which memories of this kind were an important part of the chain of evidence.
Plaintiffs often allege repressed memory, suppressed memory, traumatic amnesia, or other memory defects in an attempt to invoke a common law "delayed discovery" doctrine in childhood sex abuse cases.
He spoke about concepts such as "repressed memory", and even more disturbing, about his theory that "thought is a virus".
world, is what is referred to as a repressed memory, and can stand in
We were the experiment—a mixture of guilt, anger, passion, repressed memory, stardust—and it was volatile.
Pope said he made "possibly more than $100,000" by testifying or consulting on repressed memory cases last year - more than he got for working half-time at Harvard.
The eight categories of requested SNAP files include: all correspondence with members of the press mentioning either Tierney or the diocese; all documents referring to priests currently or formerly associated with the diocese; and all correspondence with members of the public "that discusses or relates to repressed memory in conjunction with cases involving" the Kansas City-St.