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1. also re·press·er One that represses.
2. Genetics A protein that binds to an operator, blocking transcription of an operon and the enzymes for which the operon codes.
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(Genetics) biochem a protein synthesized under the control of a repressor gene, which has the capacity to bind to the operator gene and thereby shut off the expression of the structural genes of an operon
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(rɪˈprɛs ər)

a protein that binds DNA at an operator site and thereby prevents transcription of one or more adjacent genes.
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Noun1.repressor - an agent that represses
agent - an active and efficient cause; capable of producing a certain effect; "their research uncovered new disease agents"
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In contrast, the INS form of the polymorphism acted as a repressor, and a pharmacologic increase in cAMP did not result in increased gene transcription.
The bisin gene cluster is supposed to involve lantibiotic lanADMIT genes for production and immunity, with lanR2K encoding the two-component signal transduction regulatory system and lanR1 encoding a putative repressor. To substantiate this, and to enable large-scale production of bisin, scientists at the University of Minnesota engineered Lactococcus lactis to express the production and immunity genes.
We found four viable primer sets corresponding to partial sequences of the dUTPase gene (x2), a repressor gene and a hypothetical gene with unknown function.
Mounting data support that metabolic substrate selection drives inflammation in innate and adaptive immune cell effector and repressor phenotypes [15-18].
Mathematical analysis of the kinetics of the lac repressor operator interaction in the E.
He writes: "It was in the Communist bookshop on calle Carlos III in Havana that future commander and repressor Fidel Castro bought the two key books in his life: The Communist Manifesto and The State and Revolution" While the bookshops on calle Obispo remain (La Moderna Poesia, which dates to the nineteenth century, comes to mind), they have been reduced to little more than tourist spots whose sparsely stocked shelves sell official histories of the revolution and biographies of Che and Fidel.
Colonies were selected with clear zones of dissolved xylan in toxic 2-DG presence as catabolite repressor on agar screening plates containing Rose Bengal.
As mentioned before, the network also contains experimentally obtained weighted values ([S.sub.i,j]) of the interactions between any pair of genes which indicates whether the effect of a gene over any other connected to it is positive (activator) or negative (repressor), that is, there are transcription factors whose "preferential" activity is either of an activating or repressing nature.
We demonstrate that SCO1678 encodes a repressor of the gluconate operon and that the promoter of gluconate kinase gene SCO1679 is the main target of Sco1678 regulatory action.
Zinc finger protein 132 (ZNF132) is a transcriptional repressor and plays an important role in animal production traits.
A recombinase gene encodes a protein with recombinase activity, which cleaves the blocking sequence linked to the toxic gene by means of a repressor compound produced by a third gene.