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Once bound to the target sequence of DNA, a transcriptional repressor domain attached to the ZFP suppresses expression of the gene.
He writes: "It was in the Communist bookshop on calle Carlos III in Havana that future commander and repressor Fidel Castro bought the two key books in his life: The Communist Manifesto and The State and Revolution" While the bookshops on calle Obispo remain (La Moderna Poesia, which dates to the nineteenth century, comes to mind), they have been reduced to little more than tourist spots whose sparsely stocked shelves sell official histories of the revolution and biographies of Che and Fidel.
Colonies were selected with clear zones of dissolved xylan in toxic 2-DG presence as catabolite repressor on agar screening plates containing Rose Bengal.
Zinc finger protein 132 (ZNF132) is a transcriptional repressor and plays an important role in animal production traits.
A recombinase gene encodes a protein with recombinase activity, which cleaves the blocking sequence linked to the toxic gene by means of a repressor compound produced by a third gene.
This, together with its location, suggests that the putative CA repressor is similar to members of the crustacean hyperglycemic hormone (CHH) family (Mykles, 2001; Henry, 2004).
The UC Santa Cruz researchers have, for the first time, identified genes in humans that make repressor proteins to shut down specific jumping genes.
This is the first time scientists have shown that non-coding RNAs must be activated in order to squelch the activity of p50, a gene repressor.
Chrono functions as a transcriptional repressor of the negative feedback loop in the mammalian clock.
They believe that by modifying the interaction between the modifier protein and the repressor proteins they can remove the brakes from plant growth.
Citation: "mTORCl Targets the Translational Repressor 4E-BP2, but Not S6 Kinase 1/2, to Regulate Neural Stem Cell Self-Renewal In Vivo"; Nathaniel W.
This could be attributed to the fact that phosphorylated OmpR is a repressor of flhD expression (1).