repressor gene

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Noun1.repressor gene - gene that prevents a nonallele from being transcribed
cistron, gene, factor - (genetics) a segment of DNA that is involved in producing a polypeptide chain; it can include regions preceding and following the coding DNA as well as introns between the exons; it is considered a unit of heredity; "genes were formerly called factors"
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The promoter for transcription of H2 flagellin (h2) gene and rh1 repressor gene, located adjacent to H2 flagellin gene, is present within the invertible region.
Some authors have reported a relationship between the 4G/4G homozygous genotype with insulin resistance and increased adipose tissue in Caucasian populations, where the 4G allele is considered the risk allele, since it has been associated with high PAI-1 levels due to the lack of a binding site for a transcriptional repressor gene (30).
Of the tested specimens, 34 isolates carried the tcpA gene, encoding the structural subunit of toxin-coregulated pilus, and the rstR gene, the repressor gene in the cholera toxin encoding (CTX) phage (3); these results may indicate that these strains belonged to the El Tor biotype.