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Adv.1.reproducibly - in a manner that is reproducible
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'This partnership explores the potential use of different endpoints derived from electronic health data and demonstrates how different data sources can reproducibly provide important information on patient populations often excluded from clinical trials.'
She concluded: "The BC-6800Plus analyzer exploits the advanced SFCube 3D analysis method to measure a number of physico-chemical cell properties: on these basis, the normal cell population of erythrocytes, leukocytes and platelet are enumerated and sub-classified accurately and reproducibly. The new parameters are also applied for the characterization of possible deviations of size and maturity of these cells, such as IPF, IRF and MRV, which have shown excellent outcomes."
In addition, several strategies for forming the semi-finished composite product precisely and reproducibly were analyzed in a draping simulation.
Regatta is a comprehensive, minimally invasive lateral interbody fusion system designed to efficiently and reproducibly treat the spine through indirect decompression and the restoration of sagittal alignment.
The CLAM-2030 facilitates the ability for users to reproducibly prepare samples and operate an LCMS regardless of skill level.
It is well accepted that long-term dietary intake influences the structure-function profile of the trillions of microorganisms residing in the human gut, but it remains unclear how rapidly and reproducibly the human gut microbiome responds to short-term macronutrient change.
A kit enables a researcher to quickly and reproducibly prepare an 8- to 12-point calibration curve without the inconvenience and mess of having to weigh samples.
When assessing the potential clinical impact of these clusters in four other cohorts, the researchers found that individuals with T2D in the top genetic risk score decile for each cluster reproducibly exhibited the predicted cluster-associated phenotypes.
As the size of the defect that needs to be replaced gets larger, it becomes harder to reproducibly create a graft that can move from the lab to the clinic.
Providing the young athlete with the appropriate selection from the menu will to lead to the best outcomes in this high-risk group and will allow them to predictably and reproducibly get back in the game."
Being well defined chemically, it can be reproducibly manufactured at high yield, activity and purity.
Hence, we focused on designing a high-resolution cell printing platform, from relatively inexpensive components, that could be used to reproducibly produce artificial tissues with appropriate complexity from a range of cells including stem cells."