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Adv.1.reproducibly - in a manner that is reproducible
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ViaCyte has spent the last decade developing the recipe for production of human islets; establishing the know-how, methods, controls, and protocols to generate large quantities of replacement pancreatic endocrine cells reproducibly under GMP conditions that could be used as a functional cure for type 1 diabetes.
Exact dosing - reproducibly and permanently monitored
Depending on the type of cell, this method is superior to manual procedures as it allows reproducibly disrupt up to 240 mL of cell suspension within 20 seconds to 7 minutes without noticeable temperature increase.
Tender Are invited for Use of environmental dna analysis techniques to reliably and reproducibly determine the use of two water-borne dams in wallonia
We are excited to give large and small volume surgeons the ability to reproducibly and accurately balance the ligaments of the knee over a full range of motion during total knee replacement, said Clifford Colwell, M.
It is robust, and optimized to reproducibly yield product candidates with outstanding binding properties.
TruTag's ability to reproducibly manufacture large quantities of GMP pSi to our precise specifications has allowed us to focus resources on building our pipeline and expanding the application of our delivery platform.
The necessary cleanliness can be achieved reliably, reproducibly and cost-effectively with the quattroClean snow-jet cleaning system, despite some products having complex geometries.
Thanks to its high level of automation and ease of use, 2D measurements can be completed quickly and reproducibly.
The ability to reproducibly generate stem cell-derived cardiac disease models requires both standardized workflows and highly reproducible technologies and reagents," said CEO Chris Armstrong.
22,2015 in the journal Alzheimer's and Dementia, the study authors concluded that "hippocampal atrophy can finally be reliably and reproducibly established from structural MRI scans," a development that is expected to facilitate research and the development of new AD drugs.
Gupte said the study showed him the value of examining the correlation between a dry granulation binder and the roller compaction parameters in order to create a working design space - thus allowing scientists to reproducibly manufacture the drug product and achieve needed specifications.