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Adv.1.reproducibly - in a manner that is reproducible
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After being approved by the Contracting Authority is in physical form overlapping the contractor scanning projects of the Institute for Federal Real Estate and existing at the Contractor~s electronic data carrier or intermediate or storage media that were needed for the scan product to destroy or not to clear reproducibly professionally.
PCT is a patented enabling technology platform that uses alternating cycles of hydrostatic pressure between ambient and ultra-high levels to safely and reproducibly control bio-molecular interactions.
This sensor non-destructively and reproducibly applies a known set of optical properties to the object being imaged.
Gupte said the study showed him the value of examining the correlation between a dry granulation binder and the roller compaction parameters in order to create a working design space - thus allowing scientists to reproducibly manufacture the drug product and achieve needed specifications.
According to the JFS paper, the computer's approach thoroughly examines DNA mixture data, objectively eliminates potential examiner bias, accurately preserves identification information, and reproducibly standardizes mixture analysis.
Reproducibly good results are possible even with low-grade burnt lime, which is frequently used as a by-product in steel works.
Alternatively, however, supply via two separate compressed air circuits for individual adjustment of vertical and horizontal stroke can be selected, so that the cutting pressure can be set even more accurately and reproducibly.
What's the point of determining these conditions to achieve reproducibly clean boards if this breaks down over time?
This is exciting because, for the first time, it provides a real prospect for treating patients with a blinding surface disease using a stem cell populated tissue equivalent that is simply, quickly and reproducibly prepared.
Reliably reproducible results are aided with precisely and reproducibly adjustable volume and speed.
The authors argue that criteria should be formalized through a consensus process or a governmental initiative that includes discussion and pilot application of a system for reproducibly implementing them.
Speliotes' team, called the GOLD (Genetics of Obesity-related Liver Disease) Consortium, meta-analyzed genome wide association data for liver steatosis from 7,126 individuals and then followed up top associating variants in cases of NASH/fibrosis from the NASH-Clinical Research Network that were genetically matched to controls from the MIGen study to find the five variants that reproducibly associate with NAFLD.