reproductive cell

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re·pro·duc·tive cell

A cell whose nucleus unites with that of a cell of the opposite sex to form a new organism. A reproductive cell contains only a single (haploid) set of chromosomes. Animal egg and sperm cells, the nuclei in grains of pollen, and egg cells in plant ovules are all reproductive cells. Also called gamete, sex cell. See Note at mitosis.
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Noun1.reproductive cell - a spermatozoon or an ovumreproductive cell - a spermatozoon or an ovum; a cell responsible for transmitting DNA to the next generation
cell - (biology) the basic structural and functional unit of all organisms; they may exist as independent units of life (as in monads) or may form colonies or tissues as in higher plants and animals
gamete - a mature sexual reproductive cell having a single set of unpaired chromosomes
genital system, reproductive system - organs and tissues involved in the production and maturation of gametes and in their union and subsequent development as offspring
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''The main ethical concerns are the risk of consciousness and/or gamete (reproductive cell) production,'' said Hirabayashi.
No human skin cell has been turned into a bona fide human reproductive cell. But many scientists believe it's only a matter of time--maybe only a year or two--before they get the right recipe.
Damaged DNA In a reproductive cell, an egg or sperm, can be passed on to the next generation if the offspring live.
* Reproductive Cell Growth: Other researchers believe that in some women, certain abdominal cells mistakenly turn into endometrial cells.
Guests heard student lectures about research involving microbiology, genetics, stem cells, with study directed at ovarian cancer, H1N1, defects in nerve tissue, reproductive cell stages and preeclampsia--a condition where high blood pressure develops during pregnancy--among other conditions.
At a recent fertility conference, researchers reported on using a drug to stop rapid reproductive cell division and thereby preventing the cells from being damaged during treatment.
The altered skin cell was added to the reproductive cell of a female cat.
The National Corn Growers Association also is advising its members that some seed companies are saying that even seeds that are not considered genetically modified contain low levels of germplasm, or the reproductive cell, of genetically modified organisms.
(1) a germ cell, the female reproductive cell containing in its nucleus
It would probably be classed as illegal in the rest of the country, because it contravenes guidelines on introducing DNA into human reproductive cells. (Although is an enucleated oocyte still classed as a reproductive cell?)
A sperm-producing gene that appeared at the dawn of animal evolution is present in nearly every animal from sea anemones to people, suggesting that the male reproductive cell evolved from a common ancestor.
HCT/P establishments are required to have a documented medical history interview about the donor's relevant medical records for each of the estimated total of 91,240 donors (which include conventional tissue donors, eye donors, peripheral and cord blood stem cell donors, and reproductive cell and tissue donors, and the estimated total of 86,394 non-reproductive cells and tissue donors (total donors minus reproductive cell and tissue donors.)

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