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The process of reproducing, reprinting, or copying graphic material especially by mechanical, photographic, or electronic means.

re·prog′ra·pher n.
re′pro·graph′ic (rē′prə-grăf′ĭk, rĕp′rə-) adj.


[ˌriːprəˈgræfɪk] ADJde reprografía
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Contract notice: rental and maintenance of reprographic equipment
This new PlanRoom provides e-commerce capability designed to automate the ordering process for reprographic customers where demand for digital downloads has increased due to the current economic situation.
The Xerox DocuColor 3535 is a color multifunction system geared toward graphic design shops, corporate reprographic departments, and graphics-intensive offices.
The firm, specializing in reprographic and printing-related services to businesses and law firms, choose this location due to its strong customer base in Manhattan's Financial District.
It is specifically targeted for the needs of corporate copying and distributed printing, central reprographic departments, print-on-demand and print-for-pay markets.
Contract notice: Rental and maintenance of connected reprographic materials + rental and maintenance of a solution for submission of print jobs and management of documentary flow and associated consumables.
Contract notice: Supplies of large format reprographic equipment and associated services.
Contract notice: Supply of offset and reprographic paper.