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Contract notice: Comprehensive printing service, reprography, digital processing for the centers that make up the Healthcare Logistics Platform of Crdoba.
ANTONIO VITORINO, RECOMMENDATIONS RESULTING FROM THE MEDIATION ON PRIVATE COPYING AND REPROGRAPHY LEVIES 20 (2013) ("[T]he main rationale underlying the private copying exception is linked to the practical difficulty of the licensing of copies made by consumers for their private use.
show + |co|micio [right arrow] showmicio; brasi|leiro| + |para|guaio [right arrow] brasiguaio; portu|gues| + |espa|nhol [right arrow] portunhol; frances inform|ation| + frances |auto|matique [right arrow] frances informatique * informatica; ingles repro|duction| + ingles |photo|graphy > ingles reprography * reprografia; ingles auto|mobile| + ingles part [right arrow] ingles autopart > autopeca; ingles mini|ature| + ingles skirt [right arrow] ingles miniskirt > minissaia.
KARACHI -- Advisor to Sindh CM for Information, Maula Bakhash Chandio Friday reviewed the progress of ongoing development work of Archive Complex, Exhibition gallery, Newseum museum and reprography laboratory here.
In the experiment, the participants play the role of store manager in a retail chain specialized in reprography services and they have the sole task of maximizing the NPV in cash flows expected from the store.
In a number of cases, it was difficult to determine from a library or museum website which department or person to contact: Head Archivist, Reprography Department, Curator of Manuscripts, Director of Libraries, or Copy Unit?
Systems for private copying and reprography levies are not going to disappear for lack of alternatives but "they need to be improved" to respond to the requirements of the single market.
Jehangir, is a Baudelairean type, anonymous, passionately spectatorial, avid collector, and an enthusiastic flaneur who goes walkabout in the various nooks and crannies of Connaught Place, which with its many arcades is "about corridors and pillars," commenting on and observing people, collecting second-hand books, and useless objects such as old ink pens, film posters, ham radios, boxing gloves, rare LP's that "he doesn't listen to for fear of damaging the records", and reprography machines which no longer possess any commodity value (Banerjee, Corridor.
Appadurai - Country Manager - Indigo & Inkjet Press Solutions, Graphic Solutions Business, HP IPG India said, "Printing has evolved significantly for businesses employing printing for commercial purposes; including designing, merchandising, publishing, photography, reprography etc.
The maker of optics and reprography products said its group sales in the first quarter of fiscal 2011 dropped 3.
However, it benefits from its competitive costs and dominant presence in the the fragmented reprography sector, the service added.
the exceptions for reprography, for private use and for hospitals and prisons).