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As to the time, it is easily fixed by the events at about the middle years of the seventies, when Don Carlos de Bourbon, encouraged by the general reaction of all Europe against the excesses of communistic Republicanism, made his attempt for the throne of Spain, arms in hand, amongst the hills and gorges of Guipuzcoa.
So far are the suggestions of Montesquieu from standing in opposition to a general Union of the States, that he explicitly treats of a confederate republic as the expedient for extending the sphere of popular government, and reconciling the advantages of monarchy with those of republicanism.
It is true, they did not particularly like his somewhat austere republicanism, but they were proud of his valour; and when he made his entrance into their town, the cup of honour was offered to him, readily enough, in the name of the city.
Here you have the United States of America, home of liberty, theatre of manhood suffrage, kingless and lordless land of Protection, Republicanism, and the realized Radical Programme, where all the black chattel slaves were turned into wage-slaves (like my father's white fellows) at a cost of 800,000 lives and wealth incalculable.
Lambert and Monk -- everything was summed up in these two men; the first representing military despotism, the second pure republicanism.
This stability of government is owing to his tyrannical habits; for tyranny seems as yet better adapted to these countries than republicanism.
The third, and not the least numerous or influential, is composed of all that delicate gentility which cannot bear a superior, and cannot brook an equal; of that class whose Republicanism means, 'I will not tolerate a man above me: and of those below, none must approach too near;' whose pride, in a land where voluntary servitude is shunned as a disgrace, must be ministered to by slaves; and whose inalienable rights can only have their growth in negro wrongs.
Therefore, first of all, they want to institutionalize secularism, federalism and republicanism as symptoms have been seen on failure of the constitution.
From Oligarchy to Republicanism argues that the Confederacy was in fact an oligarchy--a nation ruled by a small group (wealthy slaveholders)--and that the goal of the Civil War and Reconstruction was to return American governance to a true Republic, ruled by representatives of all the people.
THE chairman of Ireland's 32 County Sovereignty Movement has hit out at the "insidious cloud of criminality" surrounding republicanism.
Promise and Peril: Republics and Republicanism in the History of Political Philosophy
The ways in which religious narratives flowed from the Spanish Colonial Catholicism to republicanism can be perceived by analyzing Spanish Colonial narratives and republican ones.

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