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tr.v. re·pu·di·at·ed, re·pu·di·at·ing, re·pu·di·ates
1. To reject the validity or authority of: "Chaucer ... not only came to doubt the worth of his extraordinary body of work, but repudiated it" (Joyce Carol Oates).
2. To reject emphatically as unfounded, untrue, or unjust: repudiated the accusation.
3. To refuse to recognize or pay: repudiate a debt.
a. To disown (a child, for example).
b. To refuse to have any dealings with.

[Latin repudiāre, repudiāt-, from repudium, divorce.]

re·pu′di·a′tive adj.
re·pu′di·a′tor n.
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Adj.1.repudiative - rejecting emphatically; e.g. refusing to pay or disowning; "a veto is a repudiative act"
rejective - rejecting or tending to reject; "rejective or overcritical attitudes of disappointed parents"
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