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1. Arousing disgust or aversion; offensive or repulsive: morally repugnant behavior.
2. Logic Contradictory; inconsistent.

[Middle English, antagonistic, from Old French, from Latin repugnāns, repugnant-, present participle of repugnāre, to fight against; see repugn.]

re·pug′nant·ly adv.
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Shortly after the attack, Egyptians were greeted with repugnantly dictatorial headlines in the official gazette: a presidential decree that allows President Al-Sisi to, for national security purposes, fire, at will, heads of independent monitoring organisations.
If I wrote that sentence, I would doubtlessly be accused of making it up-of taking a cheap shot-because no abortion rights advocate would treat abortion that unseriously, that flippantly, that repugnantly.
e wedding party of the second half, between the two rich kids, is worked out entirely on a long factory table, where the bride, groom and best man lounge, drink, do drugs and act repugnantly.
But here we see Aeneas completely overcome and contaminated by uncontrollable rage and brutal force and even repugnantly "heroic" haughtiness.
Following Eugene Thacker, we might say that the fungus, in all its putrescent vigor, is an exemplar of 'blasphemous life,' a life that is so repugnantly contradictory in its mode of existing that it should not be living at all.
Le Theatre de Neptune can seem extremely dead, and even repugnantly alien, and yet also very living.
After which, McConaughey went on to give a speech so repugnantly smug, even George Clooney almost shuddered (if you don't get the reference, search YouTube for Clooney's Oscar acceptance speech - it's cringetastic.
Whoever at the top of his voice demands respect for foreign ways, but lets the grave of his own parents become dilapidated, behaves no less repugnantly than an intolerant rabble-rouser.
Douglas's classic Where the Girls Are: Growing Up Female with the Mass Media (1994) in that it strives to find a few feminist bright spots in media products that at first glance may seem repugnantly sexist.
There are no brass bands, no memorials, just an extraordinary Polish man who could not bring himself to see Jews as repugnantly Other.
I read with dismay, as I'm sure many others did, the articles submitted by Margaret Hughes and Michelle Taylor about the repugnantly dismal treatment their family members received in two different district health boards (October issue, pp30-32).
We all find the very idea of 'consensus science' to be simultaneously a rather silly and a repugnantly authoritarian representation of the actual practice of scientific research.