repulsive force

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Noun1.repulsive force - the force by which bodies repel one another
force - (physics) the influence that produces a change in a physical quantity; "force equals mass times acceleration"
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In the inductive-type LPEC, the electrically conducting armature (EA) is a relatively thin copper disk in which eddy currents are induced from the inductor, so that an electrodynamic repulsive force occurs between them.
While MPS method and ISPH (Incompressible SPH) method (Shao and Lo, 2003), (71) both of which are based on the projection method with semi-implicit algorithm, require artificial repulsive force.
The researchers' calculations show that if gravitational waves are found to travel at the speed of light, this would rule out alternative gravity theories, with no dark energy, in support of Einstein's Cosmological Constant," the University of Edinburgh said in a statement, referring to the repulsive force that Einstein included in - and later retracted from - the field equations of general relativity.
The discovery was shocking: it means the universe's expansion is actually accelerating, probably driven by some repulsive force that acts only on the largest scales.
If the PFM employs only the repulsive force of the closest obstacle in numerical implementation, the robot may oscillate at the points where it is between multiple obstacles.
5 Luo Zhengda (Chinese scholar): the mechanical worldview of natural external force and natural repulsive force
Such improvements have a whopping effect on how precisely astronomers can measure the effect of dark energy, the repulsive force that is pushing the universe apart at an ever-increasing rate.
The process exerts a repulsive force on bacterial cells and keeps them from attaching to the surface and forming biofilms.
When a magnetic field is applied, the attractive force balances with the repulsive force of the CNCs, forcing the CNCs to self-align into a lattice-like structure.
The function of repulsive force in Kant's metaphysics is given a much more prominent role in the overall story, and Kant's own development--particularly as regards the relation of the precritical Physical Monadology and Universal Natural History to the Metaphysical Foundations--is displayed in illuminating new ways.
Magnetic levitation systems use the repulsive force between magnetic flux for motion, whereas Olev uses magnetic flux which is converted into electrical energy to drive motors.
Which length of tape produced the strongest repulsive force between like charges?