repulsive force

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Noun1.repulsive force - the force by which bodies repel one another
force - (physics) the influence that produces a change in a physical quantity; "force equals mass times acceleration"
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The overwhelming majority, about 70 percent, is made up of dark energy -- a mysterious, repulsive force that is causing the universe to expand faster and faster.
Neither the charge distribution around galaxies nor its fraction responsible for the repulsive force between them is known.
d) the repulsive force (the Lorentz force!) acting on the sheet metal is determined from the expression in [7]:
where [s.sub.j]--coefficient that specifies orbital force direction: for clockwise direction s = 1, otherwise s = -1, [F.sub.orb,0]--orbital force basis magnitude, [w.sub.o,j]--real number that define the orbital and the repulsive force area of action with the centre at the j-th barycentre, [X.sub.b,j], [Y.sub.b,j]--the j-th barycentre coordinates with respect to the world coordinate system OXY (see fig.
The repulsive force calculation in AFPFM is different from that in conventional PFM.
While MPS method and ISPH (Incompressible SPH) method (Shao and Lo, 2003), (71) both of which are based on the projection method with semi-implicit algorithm, require artificial repulsive force. Hence, how to minimize stabilizer, namely artificial viscosity or artificial repulsive force, is one of the main issues in development of accurate particle method.
"The researchers' calculations show that if gravitational waves are found to travel at the speed of light, this would rule out alternative gravity theories, with no dark energy, in support of Einstein's Cosmological Constant," the University of Edinburgh said in a statement, referring to the repulsive force that Einstein included in - and later retracted from - the field equations of general relativity.
Any two vertices are pushed by a repulsive force and adjacent vertices connected by an edge are pulled together by an attractive force.
The discovery was shocking: it means the universe's expansion is actually accelerating, probably driven by some repulsive force that acts only on the largest scales.
where [f.sub.att] is the attractive force of the goal and [f.sub.rep] is the repulsive force of the obstacle.
5 Luo Zhengda (Chinese scholar): the mechanical worldview of natural external force and natural repulsive force