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tr.v. re·pur·posed, re·pur·pos·ing, re·pur·pos·es
To use or convert for use in another format or product: repurposed the book as a compact disc.

re·pur′pos·a·ble adj.
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vb (tr)
to find a new purpose for; adapt to or use for a new purpose
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It is an organisation tasked with the clearing and repurposing of C-band spectrum to make a portion of this band available for 5G services in the United States.
The company is in the early stages of evaluating the impact of the Plan and has had preliminary discussions regarding the sale, repurposing, relocating or closing of certain locations, with the current expectation of either selling, repurposing, relocating or closing approximately 27 to 37 locations.
StreamGuys is heading to the IBC2019 exhibition in Amsterdam (September 13-17) with new features in its SGrecast live stream repurposing and podcast management system, designed to help radio broadcasters and podcasters maximize the monetization of their content and better engage their audiences.
Repurposing something to fit a new use can indeed be beneficial.
"I feel like a lot of (the growth in repurposing) is a growing awareness of how much stuff is already out there."
It might be as easy as assembling a playlist of your favourite songs, or finally repurposing that tote bag you always mean to bring to the grocery store to be your gym bag.
Drug repurposing typically involves the use of an approved drug or a drug under development for an indication than that for which it was originally developed.
The CBA is the entity that proposes to implement a safe and efficient clearing and repurposing of mid-band 'C-band' downlink spectrum to accelerate the deployment of 5G services in the US The CBA was formed by Intelsat, SES, Eutelsat and Telesat, the band's incumbents and the continental US satellite services operators.
The guideline provides an in-depth, technical overview for how to design, review and approve intermodal shipping containers as a building element, and is primarily intended to benefit state and local jurisdictions, owners, architects, builders and engineers as they react to a lack of regulatory and compliance guidelines amidst the growing trend of shipping container repurposing.
With the resources obtained in this new round of financing, SOM Biotech wants to give a strong boost to its expansion, strengthen its licensing and co-development activities and build up the international presence necessary to become a world leader in the field of repurposing drugs for orphan diseases mainly in the Central Nervous System space.
The accounts were mainly repurposing Iranian state media content, while posing as local accounts.