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1. require.
2. required.
3. requisition.
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Soderquist's husband Karl owns Hub Scrub, an automated medical equipment cleaning company that recently became part of REQ.
By meeting Medicare's mandated operating standards, REQ has become a fully accredited organization and uses more than 100 different equipment manufacturers in order to better meet the varied needs of their customers.
For REQ staff, remaining committed to meeting the needs of customers is easy, considering the personal attachment they develop toward the families and individuals they work with.
Recently, she submitted an REQ through e-Buy for 15 laptop computers.
Using the e-Buy system, buyers may prepare and post an REQ for specific services and products for a designated period of time.
Sellers not notified may still submit a quote for an REQ placed under their awarded SIN.
If a routing algorithm does not take advantage of P(A, B, C, D, E) , then V should flood a REQ either over the entire network (case when the location information is not available or when the routing algorithm does not utilizes the location information even if it is available) or over a limited area (case when the location information is available and used in the routing algorithm).
Therefore, P(G, I, J, K, H) may result in less number of hops in data transmission, however, it might require flooding of REQ in path discovery phase.
If there is no entry to D in its Route Table, then RM prepared a REQ and invokes PUM to check its Path Table to see if there is any nearby path that might lead towards D.