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1. require.
2. required.
3. requisition.
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REQ will integrate its expertise and proprietary technology in SEO, search marketing, digital advocacy, and brand management with IMI's enterprise performance advertising, earned media and social media capabilities.
ADV, REQ, ACK messages and [T.sub.A]dv and [T.sub.Data] timers are described as follows.
In March, Clear Capital said, the national REQ saturation rate went up 1.2 percentage points from the prior month.
But supplying the equipment--everything from hospital beds and commodes to power wheelchairs and the aforementioned bicycles--is only part of what REQ does.
(Significantly, the successful vendor was not one of the three to whom the initial REQ was sent.
With this acquisition, REQ will offer solutions for integrated digital marketing and earned media needs that define, connect and protect brands in a rapidly shifting media landscape.
My 2 FREE seed packets, plus 7 packets of seeds for pounds 3.50 (No SAE Req) :.............
In the route discovery phase S broadcast a control packet called route request packet (REQ) to all its neighbor nodes.