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Previous regulations require that a person must be requalified, if during any 12-month period that person: (1) does not make any joints under that procedure, or (2) three joints or 3% of the joints made, whichever is greater, are found unacceptable.
Jeffrey McGowan loved the Army, saw combat in the Gulf War, and requalified as a paratrooper after that.
He's awaiting a formal training slot to open so he can be requalified to fly.
Neither finished in this season's top 10 who automatically requalified for next year.
Mahoney was one of those dropped from the program in April and has been trying to get requalified ever since.
Jonsson finished 14th this year to miss the cut of the top ten who requalified automatically but his GP performances over the year have deservedly won another nomination.
The 22-year-old Swede, who finished 14th in this year's World Championship to miss the cut for the top 10 who automatically requalified for 2003, has deservedly won his place back in the series alongside Scott Nicholls (Great Britain), Nicki Pedersen (Denmark), Krzysztof Cegielski (Poland), Rune Holta (Norway) and Todd Wiltshire (Australia).
Fourteen-times-capped Sinkinson, who has requalified for Wales on residency grounds, did aggravate a hamstring problem in Neath's home defeat against Newport on Saturday, but managed to finish the game.
Now, Margulies said, the agency tells owners that if six months have passed and the tenant hasn't requalified, to ask for the full rent amount.
As new feature size shrinks and the pitch changes, die typically need to be requalified.