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tr.v. re·quest·ed, re·quest·ing, re·quests
1. To express a desire for, especially politely; ask for. Often used with an infinitive or clause: requested information about the experiment; requested to see the evidence firsthand; requested that the bus driver stop at the next corner.
2. To ask (a person) to do something: The police requested her to accompany them.
1. An act of asking for something.
2. Something asked for: wasn't happy until he got his request.
by request
In response to an expressed desire: We are offering these scarves for sale again by request.
in request
In great demand: a pianist in great request.
on/upon request
When asked for: References are available on request.

[From Middle English requeste, the act of requesting, from Old French, from Vulgar Latin *(rēs) requaesita, (thing) requested, from alteration of Latin requīsīta, feminine past participle of requīrere, to ask for; see require.]

re·quest′er n.
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Noun1.requester - one praying humbly for something; "a suppliant for her favors"
applicant, applier - a person who requests or seeks something such as assistance or employment or admission
besieger - an energetic petitioner
postulant - one submitting a request or application especially one seeking admission into a religious order
canvasser, solicitor - a petitioner who solicits contributions or trade or votes
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A regard for the requester would often make one readily yield to a request, without waiting for arguments to reason one into it.
The requester, however, must be ready for any of the government IDs like postal, drivers license, HUMID, PRC issued, Comelec, BIR, TIN and others.
But the PCO has made FOI better and more convenient through the interactive FOI platform, where anyone can request specific records from any agency just by registering as a requester and filling out an online request form.
Many Turkers voice frustration that Amazon, which owns Mechanical Turk, refuses to intervene when a requester rejects their work and refuses to pay without justification.
69) Other than differential fees charged, however, there are no limits to access based on the identity of the requester or the purpose of the request.
The Service Request message SREQ message is generated and sent by the service requester (SR) that needs to identify the service provider (SP) location to obtain the preferred service.
Japan, the report said, ever present in the list of top requesters, surpassed Turkey as the second largest requester by just 2 percent.
Throughout the past few years of tough economic times, the newspaper has maintained its revenue and reader requester subscriptions.
Since the exception does not apply to FOIA requests filed by any person, foreign or domestic, other than foreign government entities and their representatives, a requester concerned about the exception can steer clear of it simply by waiting for a likeminded requester to seek the same information.
And UT has to fulfill your order, repeating some or all of the work it did for the first requester.
The board would collect the data from the sponsor and issue it to the requester, on a limited, need-to-know basis.
Each requester must successfully surpass this preliminary probing before accessing the DC resources.