requirements contract

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Noun1.requirements contract - a contract in which you agree to purchase all your requirements of a particular sort from one party
contract - a binding agreement between two or more persons that is enforceable by law
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The intent and purpose of this invitation to bid is to establish an annual requirements contract for local towing and wrecker services for city-owned light and heavy vehicles, as well as, heavy equipment recovery and transport.
ViaSat Inc (Nasdaq:VSAT), a provider of satellite and communication products, announced on Thursday (24 May) that the company has expanded its relationship with WildBlue Communications, a satellite broadband service, through a requirements contract to supply 500,000 Ka-band satellite terminals.
The Shoshone case provides a framework for understanding the all requirements contract.
The intent and purpose of this invitation to bid is to establish an annual requirements contract for the supply and delivery of glassware, plastics and miscellaneous laboratory supplies for use at the Citys two water treatment plants and Water Resources Services Division.
The intent of this bid specification is to establish an annual fixed-price requirements contract for the supply of street light poles, lamps, bulbs and other components for the Public Works Department.
is being awarded a $6,050,036 indefinite-delivery requirements contract for an estimated 35,829 hours of technical services in support for the Naval Air Systems Command's Manufacturing Resource Planning Program Office (PMA-203).
one year requirements contract from approximately november 24, 2016 to november 23,2017.
Then they went to a GSA requirements contract and hired a system's integrator.
Invitation to Bid: Annual requirements contract for residential/commercial inspection services
The City of New Orleans ( City ) solicits bids to obtain a requirements contract for Medical Supplies.

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