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tr.v. re·quired, re·quir·ing, re·quires
1. To have as a requisite or necessity; need or depend on: Do you require assistance? Most plants require plenty of water.
a. To stipulate as obligatory by authority: The law requires full disclosure of charitable donations.
b. To demand as obligatory or appropriate: Skiing requires practice.
3. To impose an obligation on; compel: The school requires all students to study mathematics.

[Middle English requiren, from Old French requerre, from Vulgar Latin *requaerere, alteration (influenced by quaerere, to seek) of Latin requīrere : re-, re- + quaerere, to seek.]

re·quir′a·ble adj.
re·quir′er n.
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vb (mainly tr; may take a clause as object or an infinitive)
1. to have need of; depend upon; want
2. to impose as a necessity; make necessary: this work requires precision.
3. (also intr) to make formal request (for); insist upon or demand, esp as an obligation
4. to call upon or oblige (a person) authoritatively; order or command: to require someone to account for his actions.
[C14: from Old French requerre, from Vulgar Latin requaerere (unattested) to seek after, from Latin requīrere to seek to know, but also influenced by quaerere to seek]
reˈquirable adj
reˈquirer n
Usage: The use of require to as in I require to see the manager or you require to complete a special form is thought by many people to be incorrect: I need to see the manager; you are required to complete a special form
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v. -quired, -quir•ing. v.t.
1. to have need of; need: He requires medical care.
2. to order or enjoin to do something: to require a witness to testify.
3. to ask for authoritatively or imperatively; demand.
4. to make necessary or indispensable: The work required infinite patience.
5. to place under an obligation: The situation requires me to take immediate action.
6. to impose an obligation; demand: to do as the law requires.
[1300–50; Middle English < Latin requīrere=re- re- + -quīrere, comb. form of quaerere to seek, search for (compare quest)]
syn: See lack.
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If you require something, you need it or want it.

Is there anything you require?
We cannot guarantee that any particular item will be available when you require it.

Require is a formal word. You do not usually use it in conversation or in less formal writing. Instead, you use need or want.

I won't need that book any more.
All they want is a holiday.

If something is required, it must be obtained so that something else can be done.

Parliamentary approval would be required for any scheme.
An increase in funds may be required.

If you are required to do something, you must do it, for example because of a rule or law.

All the boys were required to study religion.
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Past participle: required
Gerund: requiring

I require
you require
he/she/it requires
we require
you require
they require
I required
you required
he/she/it required
we required
you required
they required
Present Continuous
I am requiring
you are requiring
he/she/it is requiring
we are requiring
you are requiring
they are requiring
Present Perfect
I have required
you have required
he/she/it has required
we have required
you have required
they have required
Past Continuous
I was requiring
you were requiring
he/she/it was requiring
we were requiring
you were requiring
they were requiring
Past Perfect
I had required
you had required
he/she/it had required
we had required
you had required
they had required
I will require
you will require
he/she/it will require
we will require
you will require
they will require
Future Perfect
I will have required
you will have required
he/she/it will have required
we will have required
you will have required
they will have required
Future Continuous
I will be requiring
you will be requiring
he/she/it will be requiring
we will be requiring
you will be requiring
they will be requiring
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been requiring
you have been requiring
he/she/it has been requiring
we have been requiring
you have been requiring
they have been requiring
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been requiring
you will have been requiring
he/she/it will have been requiring
we will have been requiring
you will have been requiring
they will have been requiring
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been requiring
you had been requiring
he/she/it had been requiring
we had been requiring
you had been requiring
they had been requiring
I would require
you would require
he/she/it would require
we would require
you would require
they would require
Past Conditional
I would have required
you would have required
he/she/it would have required
we would have required
you would have required
they would have required
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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend:
Verb1.require - require as useful, just, or proper; "It takes nerve to do what she did"; "success usually requires hard work"; "This job asks a lot of patience and skill"; "This position demands a lot of personal sacrifice"; "This dinner calls for a spectacular dessert"; "This intervention does not postulate a patient's consent"
exact, claim, take - take as an undesirable consequence of some event or state of affairs; "the accident claimed three lives"; "The hard work took its toll on her"
govern - require to be in a certain grammatical case, voice, or mood; "most transitive verbs govern the accusative case in German"
draw - require a specified depth for floating; "This boat draws 70 inches"
cost - require to lose, suffer, or sacrifice; "This mistake cost him his job"
cry for, cry out for - need badly or desperately; "This question cries out for an answer"
compel - necessitate or exact; "the water shortage compels conservation"
2.require - consider obligatory; request and expect; "We require our secretary to be on time"; "Aren't we asking too much of these children?"; "I expect my students to arrive in time for their lessons"
demand - request urgently and forcefully; "The victim's family is demanding compensation"; "The boss demanded that he be fired immediately"; "She demanded to see the manager"
call - require the presentation of for redemption before maturation; "Call a bond"
3.require - make someone do something
order, enjoin, tell, say - give instructions to or direct somebody to do something with authority; "I said to him to go home"; "She ordered him to do the shopping"; "The mother told the child to get dressed"
burden, saddle, charge - impose a task upon, assign a responsibility to; "He charged her with cleaning up all the files over the weekend"
requisition - make a formal request for official services
nix, prohibit, proscribe, disallow, forbid, interdict, veto - command against; "I forbid you to call me late at night"; "Mother vetoed the trip to the chocolate store"; "Dad nixed our plans"
4.require - have need of; "This piano wants the attention of a competent tuner"
cry - demand immediate action; "This situation is crying for attention"
be - have the quality of being; (copula, used with an adjective or a predicate noun); "John is rich"; "This is not a good answer"
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1. need, crave, depend upon, have need of, want, miss, lack, wish, desire, stand in need of A baby requires warmth and physical security.
2. demand, take, involve, call for, entail, necessitate This requires thought, effort, and a certain ruthlessness.
3. order, demand, direct, command, compel, exact, oblige, instruct, call upon, constrain, insist upon The rules require employers to provide safety training.
4. ask, order, bid, command, compel, oblige, instruct, enjoin She was required to take to the stage.
Usage: The use of require to as in I require to see the manager or you require to complete a special form is thought by many people to be incorrect. Useful alternatives are: I need to see the manager and you are required to complete a special form.
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1. To have as a need or prerequisite:
2. To be without what is needed, required, or essential:
3. To ask for urgently or insistently:
Idiom: cry out for.
4. To oblige to do or not do by force of authority, propriety, or custom:
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يَحْتاجيَحْتَاجُ إلىيَطْلُب، يَتَطَلَّب
필요로 하다
just vajadzību/nepieciešamībupieprasītprasīt
cần có


[rɪˈkwaɪər] vt
(= need) [person] → avoir besoin de; [thing, situation] → requérir
Is there anything you require, sir? → Avez-vous besoin de quelque chose, Monsieur?
if required → s'il le faut
(= demand) [job, course, law] → requérir
The job requires a sound knowledge of classical music → Cet emploi requiert une bonne connaissance de la musique classique.
to require sb to do sth → requérir que qn fasse qch
to require sth of sb → requérir qch de qn
to be required [approval, permission] → être requis(e)
What qualifications are required? → Quelles sont les qualifications requises?
required by law → requis(e) par la loi
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(= need)brauchen, benötigen; work, actionerfordern; (= desire)wünschen, mögen; I have all I requireich habe alles, was ich brauche; the journey will require 3 hoursman braucht or benötigt 3 Stunden für die Reise; it requires great caredas erfordert große Sorgfalt; it requires repairinges muss repariert werden; what qualifications are required?welche Qualifikationen werden verlangt or sind erforderlich?; to be required to do somethingetw machen or tun müssen; that is not requireddas ist nicht nötig or erforderlich; if you require mewenn Sie mich benötigen; if requiredfalls notwendig or erforderlich; when (it is) requiredauf Wunsch, wenn es gewünscht wird; as and when requirednach Bedarf; dilute as requirednach Bedarf verdünnen
(= order)verlangen; to require somebody to do somethingvon jdm verlangen, dass er etw tut; you are required to report to the boss immediatelySie sollen sich sofort beim Chef melden; to require something of somebodyetw von jdm verlangen; as required by lawden gesetzlichen Bestimmungen gemäß or entsprechend
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[rɪˈkwaɪəʳ] (frm) vt
a. (subj, YYY, person) → aver bisogno di; (thing, action) → richiedere
it requires careful thought → richiede un attento esame
what qualifications are required? → che requisiti sono richiesti?
if required → se necessario
when required → quando è necessario
b. (demand, order) to require sb to do sth/sth of sbesigere che qn faccia qc/qc da qn
to require that sth be done → esigere che qc sia fatto
passengers are required to show their tickets → i passeggeri devono esibire i biglietti
required by law → prescritto/a dalla legge
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(rəˈkwaiə) verb
1. to need. Is there anything else you require?
2. to ask, force or order to do something. You are required by law to send your children to school; I will do everything that is required of me.
reˈquirement noun
something that is needed, asked for, ordered etc. It is a legal requirement that all cars have brakes which work; Our firm will be able to supply all your requirements.
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يَحْتَاجُ إلى vyžadovat kræve benötigen απαιτώ requerir tarvita exiger zahtijeva esigere 必要とする 필요로 하다 vereisen trenge wymagać precisar de требовать kräva ต้องการ gerektirmek cần có 需要
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v. requerir, solicitar.
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Temporary structure specialist, Losberger De Boer, requirers a project manager to work out of its Dubai office.
The club has planned for the event to be held at Halewood Leisure Centre on May 18 - but requirers two-thirds of the running costs after moving the venue from Fusion nightclub in the city centre, which would provide the ring and venue hire for free.
The drafters of PPACA have written the law in such a way that states can be tougher on insurers than PPACA requirers but usually cannot block implementation of a PPACA requirement, the Nebraska officials said.

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