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tr.v. re·quit·ed, re·quit·ing, re·quites
a. To make return for (something done or felt) in a similar or appropriate fashion: "Pearl felt the sentiment, and requited it with the bitterest hatred that can be supposed to rankle in a childish bosom" (Nathaniel Hawthorne).
b. To avenge (an insult or wrongdoing).
a. To respond to (another) or do something to or for (another) in return for that person's action or emotion: "If he love me to madness, I shall never requite him" (Shakespeare).
b. To get revenge on (another) for wrongdoing.

[Middle English requiten : re-, re- + quiten, to pay; see quit.]

re·quit′a·ble adj.
re·quit′er n.
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(tr) to make return to (a person for a kindness or injury); repay with a similar action
[C16: re- + obsolete quite to discharge, repay; see quit]
reˈquitable adj
reˈquitement n
reˈquiter n
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v.t. -quit•ed, -quit•ing.
1. to make repayment for (service, benefits, etc.).
2. to retaliate for (a wrong, injury, etc.); avenge.
3. to repay in kind, either for a kindness or an injury.
4. to give or do in return.
[1520–30; re- + quite (now obsolete), variant of quit]
re•quit′a•ble, adj.
re•quite′ment, n.
re•quit′er, n.
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Past participle: requited
Gerund: requiting

I requite
you requite
he/she/it requites
we requite
you requite
they requite
I requited
you requited
he/she/it requited
we requited
you requited
they requited
Present Continuous
I am requiting
you are requiting
he/she/it is requiting
we are requiting
you are requiting
they are requiting
Present Perfect
I have requited
you have requited
he/she/it has requited
we have requited
you have requited
they have requited
Past Continuous
I was requiting
you were requiting
he/she/it was requiting
we were requiting
you were requiting
they were requiting
Past Perfect
I had requited
you had requited
he/she/it had requited
we had requited
you had requited
they had requited
I will requite
you will requite
he/she/it will requite
we will requite
you will requite
they will requite
Future Perfect
I will have requited
you will have requited
he/she/it will have requited
we will have requited
you will have requited
they will have requited
Future Continuous
I will be requiting
you will be requiting
he/she/it will be requiting
we will be requiting
you will be requiting
they will be requiting
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been requiting
you have been requiting
he/she/it has been requiting
we have been requiting
you have been requiting
they have been requiting
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been requiting
you will have been requiting
he/she/it will have been requiting
we will have been requiting
you will have been requiting
they will have been requiting
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been requiting
you had been requiting
he/she/it had been requiting
we had been requiting
you had been requiting
they had been requiting
I would requite
you would requite
he/she/it would requite
we would requite
you would requite
they would requite
Past Conditional
I would have requited
you would have requited
he/she/it would have requited
we would have requited
you would have requited
they would have requited
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Verb1.requite - make repayment for or return something
give - transfer possession of something concrete or abstract to somebody; "I gave her my money"; "can you give me lessons?"; "She gave the children lots of love and tender loving care"
pay - make a compensation for; "a favor that cannot be paid back"
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1. To give compensation to:
2. To give a satisfactory return to:
3. To give or take mutually:
4. To exact revenge for or from:
Informal: fix.
Archaic: wreak.
Idioms: even the score, get back at, get even with, pay back in kind, settle accounts, take an eye for an eye.
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[rɪˈkwaɪt] VT (frm) (= make return for) → compensar, recompensar
to requite sb's lovecorresponder al amor de algn
that love was not requitedese amor no fue correspondido
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(= repay) persones vergelten (+dat); actionvergelten; requited loveerwiderte Liebe
(= avenge) actionvergelten; personrächen
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References in classic literature ?
To this I replied that your services to myself had been such as could never be requited with money; whereupon, he exclaimed that I was talking rubbish and nonsense; that evidently I was still young enough to read poetry; that romances of this kind were the undoing of young girls, that books only corrupted morality, and that, for his part, he could not abide them.
She was their earliest visitor in their settled life; and Captain Wentworth, by putting her in the way of recovering her husband's property in the West Indies, by writing for her, acting for her, and seeing her through all the petty difficulties of the case with the activity and exertion of a fearless man and a determined friend, fully requited the services which she had rendered, or ever meant to render, to his wife.
Youth enwrapped them; the song of Phaethon announced passion requited, love attained.
The West had awakened Japan, and, as Japan had then requited the West, Japan was not requited by China.
Governor Poloz noted that the fall in existing home prices reflects a shift in demand among homebuyers to more affordable condos from single family homes, as mortgage regulation reduce households ability to qualify for larger mortgage amounts requited for a single family home.
Nodes in the network are requited for participating in the forwarding process in the form of Credit-Chips.
Individuals such as - Input Service Distributors, Composition Dealers, Suppliers of online information and database access or retrieval services are not requited to file GSTR-3B.
The Cine Turismo awardees include films produced in the last two years: Ice Idanan's 'Sakaling Hindi Makarating' (which was shot in Zamboanga, Siquijor, Marinduque, Ilocos Norte and Batanes), Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil's 'Lakbay2Love' (Timberland Heights and Benguet), Zig Dulay's 'Paglipay' (Zambales), Irene Villamor's 'Camp Sawi' (Bantayan Island), Victor Kaiba Villanueva's 'Patay na si Hesus' (Cebu and Dumaguete), Mario Cornejo and Monster Jimenez's 'Apocalypse Child' (Baler), Paul Soriano's 'Siargao' (Siargao), Bona Fajardo's 'I Found My Heart in Santa Fe' (Santa Fe, Cebu), Nerissa Picadizo's 'Requited' (Mount Pinatubo) and Thop Nazareno's 'Kiko Boksingero' (Baguio).
Ninety-seven votes were requited for election in the 193-member Assembly.
Will Zoe's blossoming love for Thomas be requited? Who is the mysterious other woman who visits Thomas from time to time?
IN the real world there isn't a political leader alive who doesnt know that the use of a nuclear bomb will with virtual certainty rebound upon the sender in some form or other to cause a requited destruction in kind, especially as regards the leading nations which are all intertwined in alliances, etc.