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tr.v. re·ra·di·at·ed, re·ra·di·at·ing, re·ra·di·ates
To radiate (absorbed radiation) after absorbing incident energy.

re·ra′di·a′tion (-ā′shən) n.
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vb (tr)
to radiate back out or again (energy which has previously been absorbed)
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The figure also shows that the amount of radiation that the earth gains is different from the amount that is reradiated and explain the data using percent scales.
Carbon dioxide (C[O.sub.2]) and other greenhouse gases are relatively transparent to visible radiation, but they absorb long wavelength infrared radiation emitted (reradiated) from the earth, hence they trap heat within the atmosphere causing the temperature at the earth's surface to rise [17].
The reradiated power by the antenna can indicate the differential backscattered power [] as:
However, it should be noted that the reradiated field created by the TL has been ignored in the proposed model.
Then, the reradiated fields excited from the induced currents would cancel the incoming waves at the backside of the reflector while generating a wave propagating toward the opposite direction.
The geometry of a street canyon will increase the incoming solar radiation and longwave radiation that are absorbed, due to multiple reflections, and reradiated from the three-dimensional structures.
Recalled from the preceding section that the complementary scattered field is contributed from the reradiated fields that may propagate through medium 1 and medium 2, represented by upwardly and downwardly waves, the physical mechanism may be graphically represented by the field coefficients or propagators, [F.sub.qp], [G.sub.qp], as illustrated in Figure 2.
Wayne added: "We were quite fortunate with her being the first person in the UK to be reradiated. A few months ago, it wouldn't have happened."
When a sound is reradiated from the resonator's opening, it tends to spread as a hemisphere; thereby, it diffuses unabsorbed energy and improves sound quality in a studio or listening room [11].
Second, the incident solar radiation, which now dominates that budget, is deposited mainly into the external surface layers of Earth's atmosphere, upper ocean, and biosphere, from which it is then reradiated into the dark night sky; solar energy does not flow through the interior of our planet.
He also reported that emission spectra close to optical communication wavelength could be modified by grating structures due to SPPs reradiated into far field [67].
Stellar light absorbed by dust is reradiated from the dust as millimeter/submillimeter waves.