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tr.v. re·ra·di·at·ed, re·ra·di·at·ing, re·ra·di·ates
To radiate (absorbed radiation) after absorbing incident energy.

re·ra′di·a′tion (-ā′shən) n.
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(Nuclear Physics) radiation resulting from the previous absorption of primary radiation
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In contrast to other authors, suggesting different emission theories shortly afterwards [11-14], he assumed light to keep the speed it is originally emitted with including after reradiation by a medium [15].
A smaller portion of the absorbed energy is conducted away through reradiation and convection from the surface, while the rest is conducted into the substrate.
Caption: Figure 4: The ratio of reradiation of solar energy by atmospheric elements (borrowed from buildings, climate, and energy by MARKUS) [2].
In detail, it is due to the fact that the [V.sub.oc] of each one comes not only from the impinging plane wave and the field of DNG but also from the reradiation of the rest 3 dipoles.
Schatz, "Structural effects in the electromagnetic enhancement mechanism of surfaceenhanced Raman scattering: dipole reradiation and rectangular symmetry effects for nanoparticle arrays," Journal of Physical Chemistry C, vol.
The radar jamming means the electronic countermeasure (ECM) or electronic attack (EA) technology and is the intentional radiation or reradiation of RF signals to interfere with the operation of radar.
In noncharring material the surface temperature during burning equals the pyrolysis temperature, whereas a residual layer is heated up to higher temperatures, accompanied by increased reradiation of the hot surface [17].
Electromagnetic jamming is the deliberate radiation, reradiation, or reflection of electromagnetic energy to prevent or reduce an enemy's effective use of the electromagnetic spectrum.
A selective absorber coating is used to enhance absorption and limit reradiation losses.
In addition to being the main source of air pollution in urban areas, motorized road traffic exposes an estimated 40% of Europeans to daytime noise levels exceeding the WHO recommended threshold of 55 dB (WHO 1999); it also produces anthropogenic heat that together with the reradiation effects of dense urban structures can amplify urban summer temperatures, resulting in urban heat islands (Zhao et al.
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Similarly, the radiated power by the complementary field itself is mutually generated by reradiation fields from every point on the surface and thus consists of sixteen terms resulting from interactions of 2 upward fields and 2 downward fields propagating through medium 1 and medium 2 [see Figure 3]: