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ree quarters, or 76 per cent, of a wider group surveyed by the Better Buses campaign support reregulation of the network.
Globalisation, technology, reregulation, and consumerism are the keys.
The committee is tasked with supervising the financial reregulation of financial institutions to facilitate the process of reaching a consensual agreement between debtors and creditors with the help of a financial expert assigned by the committee.
Divestiture of FE's competitive segment through asset sales, plant closures, reregulation or restructuring in bankruptcy resulting in permanent separation of the competitive business would result in a meaningfully improved business risk profile for consolidated FE and is credit supportive.
In keeping with the history of state intervention in Australia, decentralisation was pursued not via 'deregulation', as in many other liberal market economies, but through 'reregulation', which involved the reconfiguration of the legal framework to emphasise individual, rather than collective employment rights.
LPG policy has vacillated from being regulated to near deregulation and then a push to reregulation. This is a retrograde step.
Regulation or reregulation of the financial services industry as it pertains to real property and credit.
The paper is on guard against a revival of regulation, protectionism or Keynesian economics, and we strongly opposed the reregulation of the industrial relations system under the former ALP government.
(1) "Neoliberalism is associated with supply-side economics, deregulation and reregulation of markets, privatization of the public sphere, the imposition of market principles in all aspects of social life, and a general suspicion of social and political welfare-regulatory programs originating from the state" (quoted in Kliewer, 2013, p.