1. The act of rescinding.
2. Law The termination of a contract by mutual agreement or as a result of fraud or some legal defect.

[Latin rescissiō, rescissiōn-, from rescissus, past participle of rescindere, to rescind; see rescind.]

re·scis′so·ry (-sĭz′ə-rē, -sĭs′-) adj.
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having the power to rescind
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(rɪˈsɪs ə ri, -ˈsɪz-)

serving to rescind.
[1595–1605; < Late Latin rescissōrius; see rescission, -tory1]
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One measure of particularly sinister import was the Act Rescissory which sought to cancel out all Legislation since 1633 and, by so doing, removed the statutory protection which the Scottish Church enjoyed.
rescissory or a damage suit with respect to the corporate action against
Anderson 1808) ("The reduction is a rescissory action, by which deeds, services, decrees, or illegal acts by any body corporate may be rendered void.").
(65.) See Siegel, supra note 50, at 104 (1995) ("The ability to seek an injunction or rescissory damages significantly strengthens the minority's bargaining power.
(117) Act Rescissory 1661 (Scot); Act of Restitution 1661 (Scot); Act Enforcing the Ecclesiastical Settlement 1663 (Scot) m (13 Charles II st 2 c 1); Order of Council Against Ejected Ministers 1663 (Scot); Assertory Act 1669 (Scot); Test Act 1681 (Scot).
(29) The Supreme Court held that rescissory damages also fall within [section] 28(a)'s mandate and that such award need not be reduced by any net tax benefit to plaintiffs.
The ruling reinstates Assured's demands for rescissory and other damages and fees.
(295) Someone in such a mental state may be dissuaded by the rescissory
and, in some cases, their experts are liable for rescissory damages
(7) Specifically, the plaintiffs argued that the forms violated TILA's disclosure requirements by failing to distinguish between the rescissory rights of those refinancing loans procured from a different lender and those initially received from First Horizon.