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 (rĕs′kyo͞o-grăs′) or rescue grass
A tall South American grass (Bromus catharticus) cultivated in warm regions for hay.

[Probably alteration of fescue.]
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It has been collected from 15 host plants, Avena sativa (cultivated oat), Saccharum officinalis (sugarcane), Sorghum halepense (Johnson grass), Zea mays (corn), Tritricum aestivun (wheat), Bromus unioloides (rescuegrass) (Poaceae), Dahlia pinnata (dahlia) (Asteraceae), Tabebuia lapacho (yellow palmer trumpettree) (Bignoniaceae), Ipomaea sp.
ANNUAL PERENNIAL GRASSES GRASSES Annual bluegrass Bentgrass Barnyardgrass Bermudagrass Hairy crabgrass Dallisgrass Smooth crabgrass Tall fescue Green foxtail Johnsongrass Yellow foxtail Kikuyugrass Goosegrass Knotgrass Fall panicum Nimblewill Rescuegrass Purple nutsedge * Sandbur Yellow nutsedge * Six-weeks fescue Quackgrass Smutgrass Torpedograss Velvetgrass BROADLEAF WEEDS Creeping beggarweed Wild garlic Pigweed Field bindweed Hawkweed Pineappleweed Bittercress Healall Broadleaf plantain Burdock Henbit Buckhorn plantain Creeping buttercup Ground ivy Common purslane Carpetweed Knapweed Shepherdspurse Wild carrot Knotweed Red sorrel Common chickweed Lambsquarters Speedwells (spp.
tangerina), (2) corn (Zea mays L.), (3) bermuda grass (Cynodon dactylon (L.) Pers.), (4) rescuegrass (Bromus unioloides HBK), (5) bur clover (Medicago polymorpha L.), (6) cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L.), and (7) a mixture of mint + oat (Mentha Piperita + Avena sativa L.).
scoparium; entire plant of Bromus catharticus rescuegrass) and entire dicots (Lupinus texensis Texas lupine, A.