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Noun1.research lab - a workplace for the conduct of scientific researchresearch lab - a workplace for the conduct of scientific research
bio lab, biology lab, biology laboratory - a laboratory for biological research
chem lab, chemistry lab, chemistry laboratory - a laboratory for research in chemistry
defense laboratory - a laboratory devoted to research and development for national defense
lab bench, laboratory bench - a workbench in a laboratory
physics lab, physics laboratory - a laboratory for research in physics
workplace, work - a place where work is done; "he arrived at work early today"
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The Zong 4G Research Lab comprises of latest broadband wireless equipment, including a commercial base station to support teaching and research into mobile and wireless networking systems.
Support for Wright-Patts Air Force Research Lab ensures the Lab can continue and expand the critical research they provide for our military and the Department of Defense, said Brown.
The Army Research Lab serves as the central laboratory for the U.
The other issues that research lab managers and planners need to be concerned about is that their "state-of-the-art" sustainable research lab may be outdated with new technologies by the time it is ready to be occupied--the design pressures and accelerating technology trends are that volatile.
Lempel has most recently worked at the Information Retrieval Group at IBM's Haifa Research Lab.
I am especially excited that the Air Force Research Lab has recently stood up a rapid response team.
The aim of SEA is to commercialize the innovative work being done, using natural resources by universities, colleges, research labs and private-sector companies, to, hopefully one day, create a "boulevard of science facilities.
Scott Paper once had a big research lab near Philadelphia; Crown Zellerbach, St.
com web-based secure e-mail service from Network Research Lab.
George Stern, Virginia Tech professor and the first director of the research lab.
Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and Rob Portman (R-OH) offered bipartisan amendments to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that will support jobs and the important research mission at Wright-Patterson Air Force Bases Air Force Research Lab.

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