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Noun1.research rocket - a rocket fired for test purposes
rocket, projectile - any vehicle self-propelled by a rocket engine
sounding rocket - a research rocket used to obtain information about the atmosphere at various altitudes
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The high-tech firm unleashed a 27-feet reusable research rocket in September, which marked the first successful rocket test in 46 years in Britain.
The 27ft Skybolt 2 research rocket blasted off in Otterburn yesterday, carrying vital electronic equipment as well as a bespoke parachute recovery system.
The 27ft Skybolt 2 research rocket blasted off in Otterburn carrying vital electronic equipment, as well as a bespoke parachute recovery system.
NASA has scheduled to launch a research rocket, also known as a sounding rocket, into the sky on June 13 and create colored clouds to help with studying the Earth's ionosphere and the aurora atmospheric phenomenon.
Under the NSROC III program, which is centered at NASAs Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia and the White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico, Orbital ATKs Technical Services division will plan, coordinate and carry out suborbital research rocket missions from locations in the United States and around the world.
The SpaceLoft commercial research rocket was launched within the dedicated 2 1/2-hour launch window, and flight data indicate the rocket attained a maximum altitude of approximately 120.
The Cubes in Space initiative selects 80 experiments on a sounding rocket or research rocket and over 100 experiments on a high altitude balloon.
Scientists obtained these astonishing results during an experiment on the TEXUS-49 research rocket mission.
According to the CIS website, a sounding or research rocket carries scientific instruments into space to take measurements along a non-orbiting and parabolic path (trajectory).
In February 2010, Iran launched a research rocket into space with a menagerie of animals on board.
The message to specialists was that the Kavoshgar could be used as a military weapon and was not exclusively a scientific research rocket.

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