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Resectoscopy, morcellation, or use of a hysteroscopic grasper may be used to achieve tissue removal [8].
Contract award notice: Target subsidy for investment purchases (10) - resectoscopy kit.
Successful treatment of severe uterine synechiae with transcervical resectoscopy combined with laminaria tent.
In this regard, HTRs may reduce the learning curve and complication rate of hysteroscopic myomectomy for SM with respect to traditional resectoscopy.
In case resectoscopy was needed 1.5% glycine was used as medium.
Traditionally, resectoscopy has posed numerous challenges for the removal of intracavitary lesions: Tissue removal has been difficult and time consuming.
(2.-) Chin-Yi Lin, Chung-Yu Chang, Huei-Ming Chang, et al, Cervical Pregnancy Treated with Sistemic Methotrexate Administration and Resectoscopy, Taiwan J Obstet Gynecol 2008; 47:443-447.
Company offers a full fine of instrumentation for diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy and resectoscopy. The 2.7-mm Slimline[R] hysteroscope is ideal for office or OR use.
All procedures were performed using a 27 Fr continuous flow resectoscopy (Karl Storz, Tuttlingen, Germany) and the PlasmaKinetic SuperPulse System (Gyrus Medical, Cardiff, United Kingdom), with a cutting power of 160 W and a coagulating power of 80 W.
Contract notice: Electrode supply resectoscopy bound to health centers murciano health service, through electronic bidding.